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You are at the section Rock Music Today in Birthdays and Deaths (sorted by name)

Rock Music Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Name for January 10

Last Updated 01-01-2020

🎭🎵🎸Pat Benatar -- is 67 in the year 2020 and 68 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1953
Movie Actress, Songwriter, Blues Singer, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: b. in Long Island, NY; RN:Patricia Andrzejewski; Neil Giraldo's wife
Misc: some say b. 1952
Song Titles: We Live for Love, Little Too Late, Shadows of the Night, Looking For a Stranger, We Belong, Invincible, Heartbreaker, Treat Me Right, Fire and Ice, Promises in the Dark, All Fired Up, You Better Run, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Love is a Battlefield, Anxiety (Get Nervous), Ooh Ooh Song, Sex as a Weapon, Le Bel Age
Album Titles: In the Heat of the Night, Crimes of Passion, Precious Time, Get Nervous, Live from Earth, Tropico, Seven the Hard Way, Wide Awake in Dreamland
Video Titles: Pat Benatar Hit Videos, Pat Benatar in Concert, Pat Benatar The Visual Music Collection, Choice Cuts Pat Benatar The Complete Video Collection

🎵🎸Aynsley Dunbar -- is 74 in the year 2020 and 75 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1946
Hall of Famer, Rock & Roll Drummer, English
Group Names: Nils Lofgren, Eric Burton, John Mayall, Ian Hunter, Whitesnake, David Bowie, Sammy Hagar, Michael Schenker, UFO, Flo and Eddie, Journey, Jefferson Starship, Jeff Beck, Mothers of Invention, sessionist

🎵🎸Alejandro Escovedo -- is 69 in the year 2020 and 70 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1951
Roots Rock Singer

🎵🎸Donald Fagen -- is 72 in the year 2020 and 73 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1948
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Keyboardist, Rock & Roll Singer
Names/Places: b. in Passaic, NJ
Misc: some say b. in 1950
Group Names: Steely Dan; soloist

🎵🎸Ronnie Hawkins -- is 85 in the year 2020 and 86 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1935
Guitarist, Pianist, Bandleader, Rockabilly Singer
Group Names: The Hawks, The Band (assembler)

🎵🎸Valerie June -- is 38 in the year 2020 and 39 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1982 N.S.
Roots Rock Singer

🎵🎸Shannon Kavanaugh -- is 45 in the year 2020 and 46 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1975
Rock & Roll Performer
Group Names: Ivory Soul

🎵🎸Kirk Kirkwood -- is 61 in the year 2020 and 62 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1959
Musician, Modern Rock Performer, Modern Rock Singer
Names/Places: not Curt
Group Names: Meat Puppets

🎭🎵🎸Don Letts -- is 61 in the year 2020 and 62 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1959
Director, Punk Rock Singer, English
Misc: effects
Group Names: Big Audio Dynamite

🎵🎸Brad Roberts -- is 56 in the year 2020 and 57 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1964
Modern Rock Singer/Guitarist, Canadian
Misc: "Weird Al" parodied the band's song "Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmm" into "Headline News"
Group Names: Crash Test Dummies
Song Titles: Superman's Song, Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, Swimming in Your Ocean, Afternoons and Coffeespoons, The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead, He Liked to Feel It, Keep a Lid on Things
Album Titles: The Ghosts That Haunt Me (1991), God Shuffled His Feet (1993), A Worm's Life (1996), Give Yourself a Hand (1999), I Don't Care That You Don't Mind (2001), Jingle All the Way (2002), Puss 'n' Boots (2003), Songs of the Unforgiven (2004), Oooh La La! (2010)
Video Titles: Symptomology of a Rock Band: The Case of Crash Test Dummies

🎵🎸Michael Schenker -- is 65 in the year 2020 and 66 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1955
Heavy Metal Guitarst, German
Names/Places: NN: The Blonde Bomber
Group Names: MSG, UFO

🎵🎸Neal Smith -- is 74 in the year 2020 and 75 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1946
Punk Rock Drummer
Names/Places: not to be confused with Neal Smith of Alice Cooper's band
Group Names: Plasmatics

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🎵🎸Brent Smith -- is 42 in the year 2020 and 43 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1978
Rockabilly Singer
Group Names: Shinedown

⛪🎵🎸Sir Rod Stewart -- is 75 in the year 2020 and 76 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1945
Hall of Famer, Protestant, Music Producer, Composer/Songwriter, Banjoist, Harmonicaist, Harp, Rock & Roll Singer, Scottish
Names/Places: b. in London; RN:Roderick David Stewart III; wed to Britt Ekland, Alana Hamilton, Kelly Emberg, Rachel Hunter, and Penny Lancaster
Group Names: The Jeff Beck Group; The (Small) Faces, soloist
Song Titles: Maggie May, Every Picture Tells a Story, You Wear It Well, Sailing, This Old Heart of Mine, Tonight's The Night, The First Cut is the Deepest, You're In My Heart, Hot Legs, I Was Only Joking, Do You Think I'm Sexy, Ain't Love a Bitch, Passion, Tonight I'm Yours, Young Turks, Baby Jane, Infatuation, Some Guys Have All the Luck, People Get Ready (with Jeff Beck), Love Touch, Every Beat of My Heart, Lost in You, Forever Young, Crazy About Her, This Old Heart of Mine (with Ronald Isley), Downtown Train, It Takes Two (with Tina Turner), Rhythm of My Heart, The Motown Song, Your Song, Have I Told You Lately, Reason to Believe, All For Love (with Bryan Adams and Sting)
Album Titles: Every Picture Tells a Story, Never a Dull Moment, Smiler, Atlantic Crossing, A Night on the Town, Foot Loose and Fancy Free, Blondes Have More Fun, Foolish Behaviour, Tonight I'm Yours, Body Wishes, Camouflage, Every Beat of My Heart, Out of Order, Vagabound Heart, A Spanner in the Works, When We Were the New Boys, Human, It Had to Be You: The Great American Songbook, As Time Goes By: The Great American Songbook 2, Stardust: The Great American Songbook 3, Thanks for the Memory: The Great American Songbook Volume IV, Still the Same...Great Rock Classics of Our Time, Soulbook, Fly Me To The Moon...The Great American Songbook Volume V, Time, Another Country
Video Titles: It Had to Be You: The Great American Songbook, One Night Only! Rod Stewart Live at Royal Albert Hall

🎵🎸Scott Thurston -- is 68 in the year 2020 and 69 in the year 2021; b.1/10/1952
Songwriter, Keyboardist, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: The Motels, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, sessionist

🎵🎸Matt Roberts -- Birth Anniversary -- b.1/10/1978 N.S. d.8/20/2016 N.S. (38)
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: 3 Doors Down

🎵🎸Rod Allen -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/31/1944 d.1/10/2008 (63)
Bassist, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, British
Names/Places: RN:Rodney Bainbridge
Group Names: The Fortunes

🎨⛪🎭🎵🎸David Bowie -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/8/1947 d.1/10/2016 N.S. (69)
Hall of Famer, Painter, Protestant, Vegetarian, Movie Actor, Music Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist, Saxophonist, Rock & Roll Performer, English
Names/Places: b. in London; RN:David Robert Heywood Jones; Iman's hubby
Group Names: The Tin Machine, soloist
Song Titles: The Laughing Gnome, Space Oddity, The Jean Genie, Drive-In Saturday, Life on Mars?, Sorrow, Rebel Rebel, Diamond Dogs, Knock on Wood, Young Americans, Fame, Golden Years, Sound and Visiopn, Heroes, Breaking Glass, Boys Keep Swinging, DJ, Ashes to Ashes, Fashion, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), Under Pressure (with Queen), Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy (with Bing Crosby), Let's Dance, China Girl, Modern Love, Blue Jean, Tonight (with Tina Turner), This is Not America (with the Pat Metheny Group), Dancing in the Street (with Mick Jagger), Absolute Beginners, Underground, Day-In Day-Out, Never Let Me Down, Jump They Say
Album Titles: David Bowie, Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold the World, Hunky Dory, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Aladdin Sane, Pin Ups, Diamond Dogs, Young Americans, Station to Station, Low, Heroes, Lodger, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), Let's Dance, Tonight, Never Let Me Down, Tin Machine, Tin Machine II, Black Tie White Noise, The Buddha of Suburbia, Outside, Earthling, Hours..., Heathen, Reality, The Next Day, Blackstar
Video Titles: Video EP, Serious Moonlight, Love You Till Tuesday, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: The Motion Picture, Jazzin' For Blue Jean, Ricochet, Day-In Day-Out, Glass Spider, Black Tie White Noise, The Video Collection, Best of Bowie, A Reality Tour
Movie Titles: The Man Who Fell to Earth, Just a Gigolo, The Snowman, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Jazzin' to Blue Jean, Labyrinth, Absolute Beginners, The Last Temptation of Chrrist, The Linguini Incident, Basquiat, Gunslinger's Revenge, Everybody Loves Sunshine

🎵🎸"Fast" Eddie Clarke -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/5/1950 N.S. d.1/10/2018 N.S. (67)
Songwriter, Heavy Metal Guitarst, English
Group Names: Mötorhead

🎵🎸Zeb Turner -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/23/1915 d.1/10/1978 (62)
Country-Rock Performer
Misc: boogie-woogie specialist
Song Titles: Chew Tobacco Rag, Tennessee Boogie

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