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You are at the section Music Today in Birthdays and Deaths (sorted by name)

Music Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Name November 29

Last Updated 10-12-2019

🎵Apl.De.Ap -- is 45 in the year 2019 and 46 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1974
Hip Hop Performer
Misc: his name sounds like a website
Group Names: Black Eyed Peas

🎭🎵Hinton Battle -- is 63 in the year 2019 and 64 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1956
Actor, Dancer, Singer
Misc: stage: The Wiz (as the Scarecrow)

🎭🎵Diego Boneta -- is 29 in the year 2019 and 30 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1990
Actor, Producer, Singer, Mexican
TV Shows: Pretty Little Liars, Scream Queens
Movie Titles: Summer Camp, Mean Girls 2, Rock of Ages

🎵Wallis Buchanan -- is 54 in the year 2019 and 55 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1965
Hip-Pop Musician
Group Names: Jamiroquai

🎵🎸Martin Carr -- is 51 in the year 2019 and 52 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1968
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Guitarist, Scotish
Group Names: Boo Radleys

🎵Felix Cavaliere -- is 77 in the year 2019 and 78 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1942
Hall of Famer, Music Producer, Songwriter, Keyboardist, Organist, Pianist, Rock-Pop Performer, Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: some say b. 1943 or 1944
Group Names: Joey Dee & the Starlighters, The (Young) Rascals

🎵🎸Kory Clarke -- b.11/29/????
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Warrior Soul

🎵🎷Tony Coe -- is 85 in the year 2019 and 86 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1934
Composer, Clarinetist, Reeds, Tenor-sax, Jazz Performer, English

🎵🎸Frank Delgado -- is 49 in the year 2019 and 50 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1970
Rock & Roll Keyboardist
Group Names: Deftones

🎵🎸Michael Stephen Dempsey -- is 61 in the year 2019 and 62 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1958
Hall of Famer, Alternative Rock Bassist, Zimbabwe
Group Names: The Cure

🎵James Fortune -- is 42 in the year 2019 and 43 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1977
Gospel Singer

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🎵🎸Ringo Garza -- is 38 in the year 2019 and 39 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1981
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Los Lonely Boys

🎵🎸Barry Goudreau -- is 68 in the year 2019 and 69 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1951
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Boston

🎵🎷Billy Hart -- is 79 in the year 2019 and 80 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1940
Educator, Jazz Drummer

🎵Mark James -- is 79 in the year 2019 and 80 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1940
Song Titles: Always on My Mind, Suspicious Minds

🎵Jon Knight -- is 51 in the year 2019 and 52 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1968
Pop Singer
Names/Places: RFN:Jonathan Raleigh
Misc: some say b. '69, '70, or '71
Group Names: The New Kids on the Block

⛪🎭🎵🎷Chuck Mangione -- is 79 in the year 2019 and 80 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1940
Roman Catholic, Cartoon Voice Actor, Music Producer, Composer/Songwriter, Flugelhorn, Pianist, Bandleader, Jazz Musician
Names/Places: b. in Rochester, NY; RFMN:Charles Frank
Song Titles: Feels So Good
Album Titles: Feels So Good
TV Shows: King of the Hill (recurring)

🎭🎵John Mayall -- is 86 in the year 2019 and 87 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1933
Hall of Famer, Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Harmonicaist, Keyboardist, Organist, Bandleader, Blues Singer/Guitarist, English
Names/Places: b. in Manchester
Misc: wrote over 200 songs; some say b. 1934
Group Names: The Bluesbreakers (lead), soloist

🎵Meco -- is 80 in the year 2019 and 81 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1939
Music Producer, Musician
Names/Places: b. in Johnsonburg, PA; LN:Monarde
Misc: discoized Star Wars tunes
Group Names: Meco (his band of production team)
Song Titles: Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band, Theme From Close Encounters, Themes From The Wizard of Oz, Empire Strikes Back Medley, What Can You Get a Wookee for Christmas (if He Already Owns a Comb?), Summer of 81, Pop Goes the movies Part 1, Big Band Melody, Ewok Celebration
Album Titles: Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk, Encounters of Any Kind, Meco Plays the Wizard of Oz, Superman and Other Galactic Heroes, Moondancer, Meco Plays Music from The Empire Strikes Back, Christmas in the Stars: Star Wars Christmas Album, Music from Star Trek and Music from The Black Hole, Across the Galaxy, The American Werewolf in London, Pop Goes the movies, Swingtime's Greatest Hits, Ewok Celebration, Hooked on Instrumentals, The Best of Meco, The Complete Star Wars Collection, Star Wars Party

🎵Jody Miller -- is 78 in the year 2019 and 79 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1941
Singer, Country-Pop Performer
Names/Places: RN:Myrona Joy Brooks

🎭🎵Julian Ovenden -- is 43 in the year 2019 and 44 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1976
Actor, Singer, English
Misc: AP gives b. 1975
TV Shows: Downtown Abbey, Person of Interest
Movie Titles: The Colony, Allies, The Royal

🎵Shane -- b.11/29/????
Music Figure
Song Titles: Whiskey Song

🎵The Game -- is 40 in the year 2019 and 41 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1979
Rap Music Performer

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🎵Wendy Waldman -- is 69 in the year 2019 and 70 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1950
Songwriter, Folk Singer

✍📰🎵Joel Whitburn -- is 80 in the year 2019 and 81 in the year 2020; b.11/29/1939
Author, Historian, Musicologist
Names/Places: NN:The World's Foremost Chart Researcher; b. in Menomonee Falls, WI
Misc: he has every single hit that ever made the Hot 100; he published over 30 books dealing the history and development of charted music from 1890 to the present. Books include "Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits", "Number One Hits", "Pop Annual", and dozens more also covering albums, country, R&B to name a few. Highly reccommended to fans of music and radio programmers.

🎵🎷Ed Bickert -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1932 N.S. d.2/28/2019 N.S. (86)
Jazz Guitarist, Canadian

🎵🎸Tim Davis -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1943 d.9/20/1988 (44)
Songwriter, Singer, Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Steve Miller Band

🎵Dennis "Denny" Doherty -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1940 d.1/19/2007 (66)
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Pop Singer, Canadian
Misc: some say b. Nov 19, 1941, or 1942
Group Names: The Mamas & the Papas

🎵Gaetano Donizetti -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1797 N.S. d.4/8/1848 N.S. (50)
Composer, Italian
Misc: of operas

⚛🎭🎵John Gary -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1932 d.1/4/1998 (65)
Inventor, TV Host, Folk Singer
Names/Places: b. in Watertown, N.Y.
Misc: invented the Aqualung

🎵Mildred E. Gillars -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1900 d.6/25/1988 (87)
Radio Disc Jock
Misc: Broadcaster; better known during World War II as Axis Sally for her Nazi propaganda broadcasts, d. in Columbus, Ohio

🎵Lucille Hegamin -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1894 d.3/1/1970 (75)
Singer, Blues-Jazz Performer

🎵Jack Kane -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1924 d.3/27/1961 (36)
TV Shows: Steve & Eydie, Andy William Show

🎵Bobbi Martin -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1943 d.5/2/2000 (56)
Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist
Names/Places: RFN:Barbara Ann

🎵🎷Hal McIntyre -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1914 d.5/5/1959 (44)
Arranger, Clarinetist, Alto-sax, Bandleader, Jazz Performer

🎵Ronnie Montrose -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1947 d.3/3/2012 (64)
Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Montrose

🎵Sonny (Radio) Payne -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1925 d.2/9/2018 N.S. (92)
Hall of Famer, Radio Disc Jock
Names/Places: NN:Sunshine; not to be confused with jazz drummer Sonny Payne
Misc: in the Blues Hall of Fame for being a radio presenter who played blues music on his radio show "King Biscuit Time".

🎵Sofia Scalchi -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1850 d.8/22/1922 (71)
Opera Soprano, Italian

🎵🎷Billy Strayhorn -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1915 d.5/31/1967 (51)
Arranger, Composer/Songwriter, Lyricist, Jazz Pianist

🎭🎵Merle Robert Travis -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1917 d.10/20/1983 (65)
Hall of Famer, Actor, Songwriter, Country Singer/Guitarist
Misc: wrote 16 Tons and Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette
Song Titles: Divorce Me C.O.D.

🎵Roger Troutman -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/29/1951 d.4/25/1999 (47)
Rhythm and Blues Musician
Group Names: Roger and Zapp

🎵Ann Burton -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/4/1933 d.11/29/1989 (56)

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🎵Dick Dodd -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/27/1945 d.11/29/2013 (68)
Misc: a source gives b. Dec 27
Group Names: The Standells
TV Shows: The Mickey Mouse Club

🎵Guilia Grisi -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/28/1811 d.11/29/1869 (58)
Opera Soprano

💰🎭🎵🎸George Harrison -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/25/1943 d.11/29/2001 (58)
Hall of Famer, Executive, Stage Actor, Movie Producer, Music Producer, Songwriter, Organist, Zitarist, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist, English
Names/Places: b. in Liverpool
Group Names: of The Quarrymen, Moondogs, Silver Beatles, The Beatles, The Traveling Wilburys' Lucky/Spike, soloist
Song Titles: Love Me Do, From Me To You, She Loves You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, I Saw Her Standing There, All My Loving, Twist and Shout, Can't Buy Me Love, A Hard Day's Night, I Feel Fine, Eight Days a Week, Ticket To Ride, Rock and Roll Music, Help!, Yesterday, We Can Work It Out, Michelle, Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer, Yellow Submarine, Penny Lane, All You Need is Love, Hello Goodbye, Lady Madonna, I Am The Walrus, Hey Jude, Oh-La Di Ob-La Da, Get Back, The Ballad of John and Yoko, Come Together, Something, Let It Be, The Long and Winding Road (previous titles with The Beatles), My Sweet Lord, What is Life, Give Me Love, Crackerbox Palace, Blow Away, All Those Years Ago, Got My Mind Set on You, When We Was Fab
Album Titles: Please Please Me, With The Beatles, Introducing...The Beatles, Meet The Beatles!, The Beatles Second Album, A Hard Day's Night, Something New, Beatles '65, Beatles VI, Help!, Rubber Soul, Yesterday and Today, Revolver, Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, White Album, Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road, Let It Be (previous titles with The Beatles), All Things Must Pass, Living in the Material World, Dark Horse, Extra Texture (Read All About It), Thirty Three and 1/3, George Harrison, Somewhere in England, Cloud Nine, Brainwashed

🎵Oliver "Dink" Johnson -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/28/1892 N.S. d.11/29/1954 N.S. (62)

🎵Erich Wolfgang Korngold -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/29/1897 d.11/29/1957 (60)
Composer, Austrian, Czech
Misc: film scorer

🎵Ernesto Lecuona -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/6/1895 d.11/29/1963 (68)
Composer, Pianist, Bandleader, Cuban

🎵Claudio Monteverdi -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/15/1567 d.11/29/1643 (76)
Composer, Italian
Misc: of operas

🎵Jim Nesbitt -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/1/1931 d.11/29/2007 (75)
Country Singer

🎵Giacomo Puccini -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/22/1858 d.11/29/1924 (65)
Composer, Italian
Misc: of operas; died in Brussels before he could complete his final opera, "Turandot." It was finished by Franco Alfano.

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🎵Paul Ryan -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/24/1948 d.11/29/1992 N.S. (44)
Pop Singer, English
Names/Places: Barry's twin

🎵Ray Smith -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/31/1934 d.11/29/1979 (45)
Singer, Guitarist, Pianist
Misc: some say b. 1938
Song Titles: Rockin' Little Angel

🎵Jimmie Tarlton -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/8/1892 d.11/29/1979 (87)

🎵George Van Eps -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/7/1913 d.11/29/1998 (85)
Names/Places: Fred's son

🎵Willie Anderson Hogg -- Birth Anniversary Conflict -- b.11/19/1908 or 11/29/1908 presumed deceased
Blues Guitarist
Misc: claimed to be Smokey Hogg

U.S. Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1941, “You Made Me Love You” by Harry James And His Music Makers

In 1941, “Shepherd Serenade” by Horace Heidt And His Orchestra / Larry Cotton And The Glee Club

In 1941, “Jim” by Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra Featuring Bob Eberly And Helen O'Connell

In 1947, 😀 “Too Fat Polka” by Arthur Godfrey

In 1947, 😀 “Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo)” by Danny Kaye And The Andrews Sisters

In 1947, 😀 “Feudin' And Fightin'” by Dorothy Shay

In 1947, 😀 “Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo)” by Louis Prima

In 1952, “Why Don't You Believe Me?” by Patti Page

In 1958, “Need Your Love” by Bobby Freeman

In 1958, “Sing Sing Sing” by The Bernie Lowe Orchestra

In 1958, “Intermission Riff” by The Bernie Lowe Orchestra

In 1958, “Love Of My Life” by The Everly Brothers

In 1958, “Gotta Travel On” by Billy Grammer

In 1958, “Lonely Teardrops” by Jackie Wilson

In 1958, “It Don't Hurt No More” by Nappy Brown

In 1958, “16 Candles” by The Crests

In 1958, “The World Outside” by The Four Aces

In 1958, “Donna” by Ritchie Valens

In 1958, “C'mon Everybody” by Eddie Cochran

In 1958, “The Wedding” by June Valli

In 1958, “Sweetheart” by Peggy Lee

In 1969, “Don't Cry Daddy” by Elvis Presley

In 1969, “What You Gave Me” by Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell

In 1969, “I'm Tired” by Savoy Brown

In 1969, “Turn Turn Turn” by Judy Collins

In 1969, 😀 “Je t'aime... moi non plus (I love you...me neither)” by Jane Birkin And Serge Gainsbourg

In 1969, 😀 “Jingle Jangle” by The Archies

In 1969, “Tonight I'll Say A Prayer” by Eydie Gormé

In 1969, “I Love You” by Otis Leavill

In 1969, “No One Better Than You” by Petula Clark

In 1969, “You Keep Me Hangin' On” by Wilson Pickett

In 1969, “(One Of These Days) Sunday's Gonna Come On Tuesday” by New Establishment

In 1969, “Feeling Alright” by Mongo Santamaria

In 1969, “Wichita Lineman” by Sérgio Mendes

In 1969, “Goin' Out Of My Head” by Frank Sinatra

In 1975, “School Boy Crush” by The Average White Band

In 1975, “Hurricane” by Bob Dylan

In 1975, “Woman Tonight” by America

In 1975, “Squeeze Box” by The Who

In 1975, “Paloma Blanca” by The George Baker Selection

In 1975, “How High The Moon” by Gloria Gaynor

In 1975, “Bye Bye Baby” by U.S. 1

In 1975, “It's Alright” by Graham Central Station

In 1975, “The Zip” by MFSB

In 1975, “Art For Art's Sake” by 10cc

In 1975, “Sunday Sunrise” by Anne Murray

In 1975, “Breakfast For Two” by Country Joe And The Fish (Country Joe McDonald)

In 1975, “For A Dancer” by Prelude

In 1975, “Better By The Pound” by Parliament/Funkadelic (Funkadelic)

In 1975, “The Blind Man In The Bleachers” by Kenny Starr

In 1975, “Only Sixteen” by Dr. Hook

In 1975, “Birmingham Blues” by The Charlie Daniels Band

In 1975, “Yesterday's Hero” by John Paul Young

In 1980, “Hey Nineteen” by Steely Dan

In 1980, 😀 “9 To 5” by Dolly Parton

In 1980, “Need Your Loving Tonight” by Queen

In 1980, “Cold Love” by Donna Summer

In 1980, “Trickle Trickle” by The Manhattan Transfer

In 1980, “Love T.K.O.” by Teddy Pendergrass

In 1980, “Miss Sun” by Boz Scaggs

In 1980, “Keep On Loving You” by REO Speedwagon

In 1980, “Do Me Right” by Dynasty

In 1980, “Kid Stuff” by Twennynine With Lenny White

In 1980, 😀 “People Who Died” by The Jim Carrol Band

In 1980, “I Don't Remember” by Peter Gabriel

In 1980, “Looking For Clues” by Robert Palmer

In 1980, “Once A Night” by Jackie English

In 1986, “Change Of Heart” by Cyndi Lauper

In 1986, “Love You Down” by Ready For The World

In 1986, “Every Beat Of My Heart” by Rod Stewart

In 1986, “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel

In 1986, “Brand New Lover” by Dead Or Alive

In 1986, “Caught Up In The Rapture” by Anita Baker

In 1986, “It's Not You, It's Not Me” by KBC Band

In 1986, “I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You)” by Grace Jones

In 1986, “The Best Man In The World” by Ann Wilson

In 1997, “I Will Come To You” by Hanson

In 1997, “The Memory Remains” by Metallica

In 1997, “No, No, No” by Destiny's Child

In 1997, “Get It Wet” by Twista

In 2003, “The Voice Within” by Christina Aguilera

In 2003, “Fallen” by Mýa

In 2003, “Drinkin' Bone” by Tracy Byrd

In 2003, “(I Hate) Everything About You” by Three Days Grace

In 2003, “Through The Wire” by KanYe West

In 2003, “I Need You Know” by Smokie Norful

In 2003, “Never (Past Tense)” by The Roc Project Featuring Tina Arena

In 2008, “White Horse” by Taylor Swift

In 2008, “Chinese Democracy” by Guns N' Roses

In 2008, “If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickelback

In 2008, “Sweet Thing” by Keith Urban

In 2008, “Forever And Always” by Taylor Swift

In 2008, “Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects

In 2008, “The Way I Loved You” by Taylor Swift

In 2008, “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift

In 2008, “Another Way To Die” by Jack White And Alicia Keys

In 2008, “Cowgirls Don't Cry” by Brooks And Dunn Featuring Reba McEntire

In 2008, “Breathe” by Taylor Swift

In 2008, “She's Country” by Jason Aldean

In 2008, “Hey Stephen” by Taylor Swift

In 2008, “Lost!” by Coldplay

In 2008, “Troublemaker” by Akon

In 2008, “Playa Cardz Right” by Keyshia Cole Featuring Tupac

In 2014, “Uptown Funk!” by Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars

In 2014, “Yellow Flicker Beat” by Lorde

In 2014, “18” by One Direction

In 2014, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” by One Direction

In 2014, “Make Me Wanna” by Thomas Rhett

In 2014, “She Knows” by Ne-Yo Featuring Juicy J

U.K. Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1952, “Forget-Me Not” by Vera Lynn

In 1952, “Blue Tango” by Ray Martin

In 1958, “Mary's Boy Child” by Harry Belafonte

In 1958, “Volare (nel blu dipinto di blu)” by Dean Martin

In 1958, “Poor Little Fool” by Ricky Nelson

In 1958, “More Party Pops” by Russ Conway

In 1969, “Loneliness” by Des O'Connor

In 1969, “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis Presley

In 1969, “Tracy” by Cuff Links

In 1969, “Highway Song” by Nancy Sinatra

In 1969, “Wet Dream” by Max Romeo

In 1975, “Show Me You're A Woman” by Mud

In 1975, “Golden Years” by David Bowie

In 1975, “Super Love” by Wigan's Ovation

In 1975, “Let's Twist Again / The Twist” by Chubby Checker

In 1975, “Green Green Grass Of Home” by Elvis Presley

In 1975, “Alright Baby” by Stevenson's Rocket

In 1975, “(Think Of Me) Wherever You Are” by Ken Dodd

In 1975, “Can I Take You Home Little Girl” by The Drifters

In 1975, “Art For Art's Sake” by 10cc

In 1980, “Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution” by AC/DC

In 1980, “Runaway Boys” by Stray Cats

In 1980, “Blue Moon” by Showaddywaddy

In 1980, “If I Could Only Make You Care” by Mike Berry

In 1980, “Sh-Boom” by Darts

In 1980, 😀 “Rabbit” by Chas 'n' Dave

In 1980, 😀 “Stop The Cavalry” by Jona Lewie

In 1980, “Over The Rainbow” by Matchbox

In 1980, “Strong Arm Of The Law” by Saxon

In 1986, “So Cold The Night” by The Communards

In 1986, “War” by Bruce Springsteen

In 1986, “Shiver” by George Benson

In 1986, “The Miracle Of Love” by Eurythmics

In 1986, “Candy” by Cameo

In 1986, “You Know I Love You...Don't You?” by Howard Jones

In 1986, “Is This Love?” by Alison Moyet

In 1986, “True Colours” by Go West

In 1986, “Hold The Heart” by Big Country

In 1986, “Some People” by Paul Young

In 1986, “Nights Of Pleasure” by Loose Ends

In 1986, “Reet Petite (The Sweetest Girl In Town)” by Jackie Wilson

In 1986, “Slow Rivers” by Elton John And Cliff Richard

In 1986, “Goldmine” by The Pointer Sisters

In 1986, “Mixed Up World” by Timex Social Club

In 1986, “I Still Remember” by Gary Numan

In 1986, “The Next Time I Fall” by Peter Cetera With Amy Grant

In 1986, “I Love My Radio” by Taffy

In 1986, “Sweet Freedom” by Michael McDonald

In 1986, “Come Outside” by Wendy Richard And Mick Berry

In 1986, “Change Of Heart” by Cyndi Lauper

In 1986, “Real Wild Child (Wild One)” by Iggy Pop

In 1986, “Tell Me What I Gotta Do” by Al Jarreau

In 1997, “Perfect Day” by Various Artists

In 1997, “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Steven Houghton

In 1997, “Ain't That Just The Way” by Lutricia McNeal

In 1997, “Smack My Bitch Up” by The Prodigy

In 1997, “Crush On You” by Aaron Carter

In 1997, “Let's Go Round Again” by Louise

In 1997, “Who's Loving My Baby” by Shola Ama

In 1997, “Freedom” by Robert Miles Featuring Kathy Sledge

In 1997, “Firm Biz” by The Firm Featuring Dawn Robinson

In 1997, “Missing You” by Mary J. Blige

In 1997, “R U Ready” by Salt-N-Pepa

In 1997, “Line Dance Party” by The Woolpackers

In 1997, “It's Great When We're Together” by Finley Quaye

In 1997, “Sock It 2 Me” by Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott Featuring Da Brat

In 1997, “Ajare” by Way Out West

In 1997, “I Surrender” by Rosie Gaines

In 1997, “Love, Peace And Grease” by B.T.

In 1997, “Apple Tree” by Erykah Badu

In 1997, “Start Again” by Teenage Fanclub

In 1997, “Jungle Brother” by Jungle Brothers

In 1997, “The Chant (We R)” by Rip Productions

In 1997, “No Doubt” by 702

In 1997, “Wrong Number” by The Cure

In 1997, “Invisible Man” by 98 Degrees

In 1997, “Nothin' But A Party” by Truce

In 1997, “20Hz (New Freequencies)” by Capricorn

In 2003, “Mandy” by Westlife

In 2003, “Jump” by Girls Aloud

In 2003, “Maybe That's What It Takes” by Alex Parks

In 2003, “50:50 / Lullaby” by Lemar

In 2003, “Miracles” by Pet Shop Boys

In 2003, “Addicted” by Enrique Iglesias

In 2003, “Style” by Mis-Teeq

In 2003, “2 + 2 = 5” by Radiohead

In 2003, “When You Kiss Me / Up” by Shania Twain

In 2003, “The Hardest Button To Button” by The White Stripes

In 2003, “Step Into My Office Baby” by Belle And Sebastian

In 2003, “Low / The Trouble With Love Is” by Kelly Clarkson

In 2003, “Born Again” by Starsailor

In 2003, “Some Velvet Morning” by Primal Scream

In 2003, “We're All In Love” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

In 2003, “Solex (Close To The Edge)” by Michael Woods

In 2003, “Crashin' A Party” by Lumidee Featuring N.O.R.E.

In 2003, “I Like Love (I Love Love)” by Solitaire

In 2003, “Look Through My Eyes” by Phil Collins

In 2003, “Light Your Ass On Fire” by Busta Rhymes Featuring Pharrell

In 2003, “Assassinator 13” by Chikinki

In 2003, “Rubberneckin'” by Elvis Presley

In 2008, “Run” by Snow Patrol

In 2008, “Dream On” by Christian Falk Featuring Robyn

In 2008, “Papa Can You Hear Me” by N-Dubz

In 2008, “Insomnia” by Craig David

In 2008, “Rehab” by Rihanna

In 2008, “U.F.O.” by Sneaky Sound System

In 2008, “Run (In The Style Of Leona Lewis)” by Ameritz

In 2008, “Love Will Find A Way” by Delirious

In 2008, “Rather Be” by The Verve

In 2008, 😀 “Fairytale Of New York” by The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl

In 2008, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” by Beyoncé

In 2008, “Broken Strings” by James Morrison

In 2008, “If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickelback

In 2008, “Mrs. Officer” by Lil Wayne Featuring Bobby Valentino

In 2008, “Yellow” by Coldplay

In 2008, “Children” by Robert Miles

In 2008, “Dead And Gone” by T.I. Featuring Justin Timberlake

In 2008, “Better In Time / Footprints In The Sand” by Leona Lewis

In 2008, “Creative” by Leon Jackson

In 2008, “Rockstar” by Nickelback

In 2008, “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis

In 2014, “Do They Know It's Christmas? (2014)” by Band Aid 30

In 2014, “Real Love” by Clean Bandit Featuring Jess Glynne

In 2014, “Wrapped Up” by Olly Murs Featuring Travie McCoy

In 2014, “Dangerous” by David Guetta Featuring Sam Martin

In 2014, “6 Words” by Wretch 32

In 2014, “Wait On Me” by Rixton

In 2014, “Good Girls” by 5 Seconds Of Summer

In 2014, “In The Heat Of The Moment” by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

In 2014, “Run” by Nicole Scherzinger

In 2014, “Fireball” by Pitbull Featuring John Ryan

In 2014, “Heartbeat Loud” by Andy C And Fiora

In 2014, “Do They Know It's Christmas?” by Band Aid

In 2014, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

In 2014, “Yellow Flicker Beat” by Lorde

In 2014, 😀 “Fairytale Of New York” by The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl

In 2014, “Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)” by David Bowie

In 2014, 😀 “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” by Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn And Katie Lopez

In 2014, “Fireproof” by One Direction

In 2014, “Let Her Go” by Passenger

In 2014, “Loyal” by Chris Brown Featuring Lil Wayne And Tyga

Australian Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1952, “Meet Mister Callaghan” by Les Paul And Mary Ford or The Harry Grove Trio

In 1952, “Just A Little Lovin' (Will Go A Long Way)” by Eddie Fisher

In 1958, “Tom Dooley” by The Kingston Trio

In 1969, “Ruben James” by Kenny Rogers And The First Edition

In 1969, “Tracy” by Cuff Links

In 1969, “The Sounds Of Goodbye” by Kamahl

In 1975, “Get Down Tonight / You Don't Know” by K.C. And The Sunshine Band

In 1975, “Rockin' All Over The World / The Wall” by John Fogerty

In 1975, “Celluloid Heroes / Matrimony” by Reg Livermore

In 1975, “Walking The Dog / Proud” by Roger Daltrey

In 1975, “Get It Up For Love / Love In Bloom” by David Cassidy

In 1975, “Dance With Me / Ending Of A Song” by Orleans

In 1975, “Skateboard Queen / Stick With Me (Jeff's Theme)” by Fat Bubbles

In 1975, “Silver Wings And Golden Rings / We Need You” by Judy Stone

In 1980, “The Tide Is High / Susie And Jeffrey” by Blondie

In 1980, “Bird Noises (EP)” by Midnight Oil

In 1980, “Whose Problem? / Cry Baby” by The Motels

In 1980, “Because Your Ears Have Brains” by The Triple M Team

In 1980, “Hungry Heart / Held Up Without A Gun” by Bruce Springsteen

In 1980, “I Will Return” by Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons

In 1980, “Two Single Beds / Constant Change” by Edith Bliss

In 1980, “The Cotswolds / Good For The Goose” by Mick Connor

In 1980, “This Time / Don't Misunderstand Me” by John Mellencamp

In 1980, “Calling All Girls / Something On Your Mind” by Hilly Michaels

In 1986, “Thorn In My Side” by Eurythmics

In 1986, “Let's Kiss” by Models

In 1986, “Notorious” by Duran Duran

In 1986, “No Lies” by Noiseworks

In 1986, “I Wanna Wake Up With You” by Boris Gardiner

In 1986, “Where Did Your Heart Go?” by Wham!

In 1997, “Free” by Ultra Naté

In 1997, “Everything I Wanted” by Dannii Minogue

In 1997, “Abdul's Secret Movie” by Liquid

In 1997, “Gettin' Jiggy Wit It” by Will Smith

In 2003, “It's My Life” by No Doubt

In 2003, “What Chu Want” by J Wess Featuring Kulaia, Lolly And Digga

In 2003, “Still Real” by George [AU]

In 2003, “Undercover Movers And Shakers / Boogie Oogie Oogie” by The Saddle Club

In 2003, “Fallen” by Sarah McLachlan

In 2003, “Bad Day” by R.E.M.

In 2008, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” by Beyoncé

In 2008, “Decode” by Paramore

In 2014, “Do They Know It's Christmas? (2014)” by Band Aid 30

In 2014, “Ah Yeah So What” by Will Sparks Featuring Wiley And Elen Levon

In 2014, “Uptown Funk!” by Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars

In 2014, “Like I Can” by Sam Smith

In 2014, “Good Girls” by 5 Seconds Of Summer

In 2014, “Yellow Flicker Beat” by Lorde

In 2014, “Night Changes” by One Direction

New Zealand Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1975, 😀 “We Don't Know How Lucky We Are” by Fred Dagg (John Clarke)

In 1975, “Feelings” by Morris Albert

In 1975, “Roll Over Lay Down” by Status Quo

In 1975, “You” by George Harrison

In 1980, “Babooshka” by Kate Bush

In 1980, “Could I Have This Dance” by Anne Murray

In 1980, “You Better Run” by Pat Benatar

In 1980, “I'm Alright” by Kenny Loggins

In 1986, “Walk This Way” by Run-D.M.C.

In 1986, “Don't Leave Me This Way” by Communards With Sarah Jane Morris

In 1986, “To Be A Lover” by Billy Idol

In 1986, “State Of The Nation” by New Order

In 1986, “Don't Get Me Wrong” by The Pretenders

In 1986, “Your Love Is Blind” by Ardijah

In 1986, “Papa Don't Preach” by Madonna

In 1986, “Amanda” by Boston

In 1986, “Friends And Lovers” by Gloria Loring And Carl Anderson

In 1997, “As Long As You Love Me” by Backstreet Boys

In 1997, “Ooh La La” by Coolio

In 1997, “Butterfly” by Mariah Carey

In 1997, “Roadblock” by CJ Lewis

In 1997, “Feel So Good” by Ma$e

In 1997, “Keep On Moving” by Moizna

In 1997, “The One I Gave My Heart To” by Aaliyah

In 1997, “Firm Biz” by The Firm Featuring Dawn Robinson

In 1997, “No Doubt” by 702

In 1997, “Heartbeat / A Friend” by KRS-One

In 1997, “Kiss And Tell” by Brownstone

In 2003, “Me Against The Music” by Britney Spears Featuring Madonna

In 2003, “Got Some Teeth” by Obie Trice

In 2003, “Frantic” by Metallica

In 2003, “Larger Than Life” by The Feelers

In 2003, “Bright Lights” by Matchbox 20

In 2008, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” by Beyoncé

In 2008, “Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects

In 2008, “Decode” by Paramore

In 2014, “Do They Know It's Christmas? (2014)” by Band Aid 30

In 2014, “Like I Can” by Sam Smith

In 2014, “Kings And Queens” by Brooke Fraser

In 2014, “Cool Kids” by Echosmith

In 2014, “Jealous” by Nick Jonas

In 2014, “Superheroes” by The Script

In 2014, “Chandelier” by Sia

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