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Music Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Name November 6

Last Updated 10-12-2019

🎵Rory Block -- is 70 in the year 2019 and 71 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1949
Blues Singer/Guitarist
Misc: a notable exponent of the country blues style

🎵Robert Ellis -- is 31 in the year 2019 and 32 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1988 N.S.
Songwriter, Singer

🎵🎸Paul Gilbert -- is 53 in the year 2019 and 54 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1966
Hard Rock Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Racer X, Mr. Big

🎵🎸Chris Glen -- is 69 in the year 2019 and 70 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1950
Rock & Roll Bassist, Scotish
Group Names: Alex Harvey Band

🎭🎵🎸Corey Glover -- is 55 in the year 2019 and 56 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1964
Actor, Guitarist, Alternative Rock Singer
Group Names: Galactic, Living Colour

🎵Stonewall Jackson -- is 87 in the year 2019 and 88 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1932
Pianist, Country Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Tabor City, NC; Descended from Gen'l Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson

🎨🎭💻🎵Taryn Manning -- is 41 in the year 2019 and 42 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1978
Fashion Designer, Actress, Internet Video Actress, Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist
Group Names: Boomkat
TV Shows: Orange is the New Black

🎵Anja Nissen -- is 24 in the year 2019 and 25 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1995 N.S.
Songwriter, Pop Singer, Australian

🎭🎵🎸P. J. Proby -- is 81 in the year 2019 and 82 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1938
Hall of Famer, Actor, Songwriter, Tenor, Pop Singer, Rockabilly Singer
Names/Places: RN:James Marcus Smith

🎵Ben Rector -- is 33 in the year 2019 and 34 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1986
Songwriter, Singer

🎭🎵Judi Rolin -- is 73 in the year 2019 and 74 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1946
Actress, Singer

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🎵🎷Arturo Sandoval -- is 70 in the year 2019 and 71 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1949
Composer, Pianist, Jazz Trumpeter, Cuban

🎭🎵Lori Singer -- is 62 in the year 2019 and 63 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1957
Actress, Cellist
Names/Places: a twin; Corpus Christi, TX
Misc: some say b. 1961 or 1962
TV Shows: Fame (as Julie Miller), VR.5 (as Sydney Bloom)
Movie Titles: Footloose

🎵Pervis Staples -- is 84 in the year 2019 and 85 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1935
Hall of Famer, Gospel Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: Roebuck's son
Group Names: The Staple Singers

🎵🎸J. T. Thunder -- is 51 in the year 2019 and 52 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1968
Rock & Roll Musician

🎵Fayyez Virgi -- is 59 in the year 2019 and 60 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1960

🎵Ricky Wilde -- is 58 in the year 2019 and 59 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1961
Names/Places: RN: Richard James Reginald Steven Smith, Kim's Brother
Song Titles: I Am An Astronaut (age 11)

🎵Doug Young -- is 72 in the year 2019 and 73 in the year 2020; b.11/6/1947
Music Figure

🎵🎷Dick Cathcart -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1924 d.11/8/1993 (69)
Singer, Clarinetist, Jazz Trumpeter
Names/Places: Peggy Lennon's hubby, RFMN:Charles Richard
Group Names: Pete Kelley's Blues

🎵Guy Clark -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1941 d.5/17/2016 N.S. (74)
Songwriter, Musician, Country Singer

✍🎵Arthur Cohn -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1910 d.2/15/1998 (87)
Author, Composer, Conductor

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🎵Ray Conniff -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1916 d.10/12/2002 (85)
Arranger, Trombonist, Conductor/Bandleader
Misc: of many bands & hit albums in 50s-60s; some say b. Nov 16

🎵Wildman Fischer -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1944 N.S. d.6/16/2011 N.S. (66)
Novelty Singer
Song Titles: My Name Is Larry!, I'm a Xmas Tree!

🎭🎵🎸Glenn Frey -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1948 d.1/18/2016 N.S. (67)
Hall of Famer, Actor, Music Producer, Songwriter, Classic Rock Singer, Rock & Roll Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Detroit, MI
Group Names: The Eagles (through 1980), soloist
Song Titles: Take It Easy, Witchy Woman, Best of My Love, One of These Nights, Lyin' Eyes, Take It To The Limit, New Kid in Town, Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, Heartache tonight, The Long Run, I Can't Tell You Why (previous titles as lead of The Eagles), The One You Love, Sexy Girl, The Heat is On, Smuggler's Blues (which inspired a Miami Vice episode), You Belong to the City, True Love
Album Titles: Eagles, Desperado, On The Border, One of These Nights, Hotel California, The Long Run (previous titles as lead of The Eagles), No Fun Aloud, The Allnighter
TV Shows: South of Sunset (TV bomb)

🎭🎵Juanita Hall -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1901 d.2/28/1968 (66)
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Singer
Movie Titles: South Pacific, Flower Drum Song, Enemies: A Love Story, Not Fade Away

🎵Gus Kahn -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1886 d.10/8/1941 (54)
Lyricist, Songwriter, German
Misc: Tin Pan Alley songs

🎵Peter Matz -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1928 d.8/9/2002 (73)
TV Shows: Edie Adams, Jimmy Dean, Hullabaloo, Kraft Music Hall, Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway Shows

🎵🎸Rushton Moreve -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1948 d.7/1/1981 (32)
Rock & Roll Bassist
Group Names: Steppenwolf

🎵🎸Billy Murcia -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1951 d.11/6/1972 (21)
Punk Rock Drummer
Group Names: New York Dolls

⚖🎵Ignace Jan Paderewski -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1860 O.S. or 11/18/1860 N.S. d.6/29/1941 (80)
Statesman, Composer, Pianist, Polish
Names/Places: d. in New York

🎵Jim Pike -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1936 N.S. d.6/9/2019 N.S. (82)
Pop Singer
Misc: some say b. 1938
Group Names: The Lettermen

🎵Eugene Pitt -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1937 N.S. d.6/29/2018 N.S. (80)
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Jive 5

🎵Joseph Pope -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1933 d.3/16/1996 (62)
Soul Singer
Group Names: The Tams

🎵John Ryanes -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1940 d.5/30/1972 (31)
Group Names: The Monotones

🎵Sir Douglas Sahm -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1941 d.11/18/1999 (58)
Singer/Guitarist, Bandleader, Country Performer
Misc: R&B Mexican Conjunto Tex-Mex style; some say b. 1942
Group Names: Texas Tornados, Sir Douglas Quintet (lead)

⚛🎵Adolphe Sax -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1814 d.2/7/1894 (79)
Inventor, Saxophonist, Belgiumese
Misc: creator of the Saxophone, Saxtromba, & Sax Horn; some say d. Feb 4

🎵John Philip Sousa -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1854 d.3/6/1932 (77)
Hall of Famer, Conductor/Composer, Bandleader
Names/Places: NN: The King of American March Music; b. in Washington, D.C.
Misc: wrote 140 stirring marches
Song Titles: Semper Fidelis, King Cotton, Washington Post March, Stars & Stripes Forever

🎵George Young -- Birth Anniversary -- b.11/6/1946 d.10/22/2017 N.S. (70)
Music Producer, Songwriter, Rhythm Guitarist, Scotish
Group Names: The Easybeats
Song Titles: Friday on My Mind (co-writer), Love is in the Air (recorded by Paul Young, no relation)

🎵🎷Gordon Beck -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/16/1936 d.11/6/2011 (75)
Jazz Pianist, English

🎵Cleveland Duncan -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/23/1935 d.11/6/2012 (77)
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Names/Places: NN:Cleve
Misc: some say he died on Nov 7
Group Names: The Penguins (lead)

🎵Jance Garfat -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/20/1944 d.11/6/2006 (62)
Singer, Bassist
Group Names: Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show

✍🎵Dickie Goodman -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/19/1934 d.11/6/1989 (55)
Comedy Writer, Songwriter
Names/Places: b. in Hewett, N.Y.
Misc: With Bill Buchanan, originated the novelty 'Break-in' recording featuring bits of the original versions of top 40 hits interwoven throughout the recording; John Cameron Swayze sued him for parodying him into John Cameron Cameron; died by his own hand in Fayetteville, NC
Song Titles: The Flying Saucer, Mr. Jaws

🎵Lili Kraus -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/3/1905 d.11/6/1986 (81)

🎵🎸Hugh McDowell -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/31/1953 N.S. d.11/6/2018 N.S. (65)
Cellist, Rock & Roll Musician, English
Group Names: ELO, Wizzard

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🎵Charles Munch -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/26/1891 d.11/6/1968 (77)
Conductor, French
Misc: Boston Symphony Orchestra

🎵🎸Billy Murcia -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/6/1951 d.11/6/1972 (21)
Punk Rock Drummer
Group Names: New York Dolls

🎵Heinrich Schütz -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/8/1585 d.11/6/1672 (87)
Composer, Musician, German
Misc: the greatest before J.S. Bach

🎵Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/25/1840 Ju-1 or 5/7/1840 N.S. d.10/25/1893 Ju-1 (53) or 11/6/1893 N.S. (53)
Composer, Russian, Gay
Names/Places: b. in the Ural region of Russia; RFN:Petr
Song Titles: Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, 1812 Overture

🎵🎷Eddie Thompson -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/31/1925 d.11/6/1986 (61)
Jazz Pianist, English

🎵Hank Thompson -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/3/1925 d.11/6/2007 (82)
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Bandleader, Country Singer/Guitarist
Misc: sold over 30 million records; one of Bob Dylan's major influences

✍🎵Edgard Varèse -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/22/1883 d.11/6/1965 (81)
Author, Composer, French
Names/Places: aka Edgard Victor Achille Charles Varèse
Misc: coined the term "Organized Sound"; founded the International Composers Guild & was its director

🎭🎵R. P. Weston -- Death Anniversary -- b.??/??/1878 d.11/6/1936
Comedian, Songwriter, British
Misc: comic songs

📰🎭🎵🎷Clarence I Williams -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/8/1898 d.11/6/1965 (67)
Publisher, Director, Arranger, Composer, Singer, Pianist, Bandleader, Jazz Musician
Misc: some say 1893

U.S. Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1943, “Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'” by Bing Crosby, Trudy Erwin And The Sportsmen Glee Club

In 1943, “Sunday, Monday Or Always” by Frank Sinatra And The Bobby Tucker Singers

In 1948, 😀 “Life Gits Tee-Jus Don't It” by Carson Robison With His Pleasant Valley Boys

In 1948, “Rambling Rose” by Perry Como

In 1954, “Mambo Italiano” by Rosemary Clooney And The Mellowmen

In 1954, “Runaround” by The Three Chuckles

In 1965, “Kiss Away” by Ronnie Dove

In 1965, “Here It Comes Again” by The Fortunes

In 1965, “England Swings” by Roger Miller

In 1965, “Child Of Our Times” by Barry McGuire

In 1965, “It's My Life” by The Animals

In 1965, “I Can Never Go Home Anymore” by The Shangri-Las

In 1965, “Crawling Back” by Roy Orbison

In 1965, “Don't Think Twice” by The Four Seasons (as Wonder Who?)

In 1965, “One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)” by Barry Young

In 1965, “I Want To Meet Him” by Royalettes

In 1965, “I Really Love You” by Dee Dee Sharp

In 1965, “Don't Fight It” by Wilson Pickett

In 1965, “Don't Pity Me” by Peter And Gordon

In 1965, “If You Don't (Love Me, Tell Me So)” by Barbara Mason

In 1965, “Try To Remember” by The Brothers Four

In 1971, “Family Affair” by Sly And The Family Stone

In 1971, “You Are Everything” by The Stylistics

In 1971, “An American Trilogy” by Mickey Newbury

In 1971, “Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)” by The Temptations

In 1971, “Long Ago Tomorrow” by B.J. Thomas

In 1971, “Cherish” by David Cassidy

In 1971, “For Ladies Only” by Steppenwolf

In 1971, “I'm Still Waiting” by Diana Ross

In 1971, “Friends With You” by John Denver

In 1971, “Tell Mama” by Savoy Brown

In 1971, “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who

In 1971, “Show Me How” by The Emotions

In 1971, “White Lies, Blue Eyes” by Bullet

In 1971, “Fool Me” by Joe South

In 1971, “I Want To Pay You Back” by The Chi-Lites

In 1976, “Every Face Tells A Story” by Olivia Newton-John

In 1976, “I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love” by The Emotions

In 1976, “Daddy's Little Girl” by Ray Sawyer

In 1976, “Help Wanted” by The Hudson Brothers

In 1976, “I Like Dreamin'” by Kenny Nolan

In 1976, “Slow Dancing” by Funky Kings

In 1976, “Open Sesame” by Kool And The Gang

In 1976, “Cathedrals” by D.C. LaRue

In 1976, “Makes You Blind” by The Glitter Band

In 1976, “Whispering/Cherchez La Femme/Se Sibon” by Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band

In 1982, “The Girl Is Mine” by Michael Jackson And Paul McCartney

In 1982, “Hand To Hold On To” by John Mellencamp

In 1982, “You Can't Hurry Love” by Phil Collins

In 1982, “Does It Make You Remember?” by Kim Carnes

In 1982, 😀 “Down Under” by Men At Work

In 1982, “Theme From 'Dynasty'” by Bill Conti And His Orchestra

In 1982, “Do Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing)” by Zapp

In 1982, “Love's Comin' At Ya” by Melba Moore

In 1982, 😀 “Peek-A-Boo!” by Devo

In 1993, “Said I Loved You...But I Lied” by Michael Bolton

In 1993, “All About Soul” by Billy Joel

In 1993, “Award Tour” by A Tribe Called Quest

In 1993, “Mr. Vain” by Culture Beat

In 1993, “Because The Night” by 10,000 Maniacs

In 1993, “I Can See Clearly Now” by Jimmy Cliff

In 1993, “Looking For Mr. Do Right” by Jade

In 1999, “If You Love Me” by Mint Condition

In 1999, “Breathe” by Faith Hill

In 1999, “24/7” by Kevon Edmonds

In 1999, “Hanginaround” by Counting Crows

In 1999, 😀 “The Rockafeller Skank” by Fatboy Slim

In 2004, “Daughters” by John Mayer

In 2004, “Party For Two” by Shania Twain With Billy Currington Or Mark McGrath

In 2004, “What U Gon' Do” by Lil Jon And The East Side Boyz

In 2004, “(Reach Up For The) Sunrise” by Duran Duran

In 2004, “Westside Story” by The Game

In 2010, “Mean” by Taylor Swift

In 2010, “Firework” by Katy Perry

In 2010, “Radioactive” by Kings Of Leon

In 2010, “Gonna Get This” by Hannah Montana Featuring Iyaz

In 2010, “Whip My Hair” by Willow

In 2010, “Monster” by KanYe West Featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver And Nicki Minaj

In 2010, “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” by Shakira Featuring Freshlyground

In 2010, “The End” by Kings Of Leon

In 2010, “What's My Name?” by Rihanna Featuring Drake

In 2010, “Double Vision” by 3OH!3

In 2010, “Rap Song” by T-Pain Featuring Rick Ross

In 2010, “Porn Star Dancing” by My Darkest Days Featuring Zakk Wylde

In 2010, “Lay It Down” by Lloyd

In 2010, “Tighten Up” by The Black Keys

In 2010, “Strip Me” by Natasha Bedingfield

In 2010, “Got Your Back” by T.I. Featuring Keri Hilson

In 2010, “Waiting For The End” by Linkin Park

U.K. Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1954, “Wait For Me Darling” by Joan Regan And The Johnston Brothers

In 1954, “Endless” by Dickie Valentine

In 1954, “Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By The Sea” by Max Bygraves

In 1965, “1-2-3” by Len Barry

In 1965, “My Generation” by The Who

In 1965, “You're The One” by Petula Clark

In 1965, “The Sins Of A Family” by P.F. Sloan

In 1965, “A Lover's Concerto” by The Toys

In 1965, “Yesterday” by Marianne Faithfull

In 1965, “Treat Her Right” by Roy Head And The Traits

In 1965, “Princess In Rags” by Gene Pitney

In 1965, “Wind Me Up” by Cliff Richard

In 1965, “Crawling Back” by Roy Orbison

In 1965, “Thou Shall Not Steal” by Freddie And The Dreamers

In 1971, 😀 “Johnny Reggae” by The Piglets

In 1971, “Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves” by Cher

In 1976, “Under The Moon Of Love” by Showaddywaddy

In 1976, “Love Me” by Yvonne Elliman

In 1976, “So Sad The Song” by Gladys Knight And The Pips

In 1976, “Love Is A Prima Donna” by Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel

In 1976, “Stoney Ground” by Guys And Dolls

In 1976, “Do You Feel Like We Do” by Peter Frampton

In 1982, “The Girl Is Mine” by Michael Jackson And Paul McCartney

In 1982, “Theme From 'Harry's Game'” by Clannad

In 1982, “State Of Independence” by Donna Summer

In 1982, “Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)” by A Flock Of Seagulls

In 1982, “Here I Go Again / Bloody Luxury” by Whitesnake

In 1982, “Stranger” by Shakatak

In 1982, “Knock Me Out” by Gary's Gang

In 1982, 😀 “She Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby

In 1982, “Lies” by Jonathan Butler

In 1982, “Louise” by Phil Everly

In 1982, “You Can Do Magic” by America

In 1993, “Got To Get It” by Culture Beat

In 1993, “Hero” by Mariah Carey

In 1993, “Real Love '93” by Time Frequency

In 1993, “Queen Of The Night” by Whitney Houston

In 1993, “The S.O.S. EP” by The Shamen

In 1993, “Feel Like Making Love” by Pauline Henry

In 1993, “Shed A Tear” by Wet Wet Wet

In 1993, “Wish” by Soul II Soul

In 1993, “Free Love” by Juliet Roberts

In 1993, “Another Body Murdered” by Faith No More And Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.

In 1993, “Cascade” by Future Sound Of London

In 1993, “More And More” by Captain Hollywood Project

In 1993, “Piece By Piece” by Kenny Thomas

In 1993, “The Planet Of Love” by Carl Cox

In 1993, “Selfish” by Other Two

In 1993, “Ave Maria” by Lesley Garrett And Amanda Thompson

In 1993, “Brothers And Sisters” by 2 Funky 2

In 1993, “An Accident In Paradise” by Sven Väth

In 1993, “Divine Hammer” by The Breeders

In 1993, “Into The Valley” by Midnight Oil

In 1993, “Another Night” by M.C. Sar And The Real McCoy

In 1993, “Sound System” by Drum Club

In 1993, “Drop The Rock EP” by D-Tek

In 1999, “Keep On Movin'” by Five

In 1999, “Heartbreaker” by Mariah Carey Featuring Jay-Z

In 1999, “Not Over You Yet” by Diana Ross

In 1999, “Jump'n'Shout” by Basement Jaxx

In 1999, “Buddy X 99” by Dream Teem vs. Neneh Cherry

In 1999, “You'll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins

In 1999, “Dov'e L'Amore” by Cher

In 1999, “Love Like A Fountain” by Ian Brown

In 1999, “Closing Time” by Semisonic

In 1999, “Still Believe” by Shola Ama

In 1999, “When My Baby” by Scooch

In 1999, “Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against The Machine

In 1999, “Heaven Scent” by Bedrock

In 1999, “Seven Cities” by Solar Stone

In 1999, “No Other Baby” by Paul McCartney

In 1999, “Johnny The Horse” by Madness

In 1999, “Get Down” by Jungle Brothers

In 1999, “Ready To Run” by Dixie Chicks

In 1999, “Learning To Fly” by Mother's Pride

In 1999, “White No Sugar” by Clint Boon Experience

In 1999, “It's All About You (Not About Me)” by Tracie Spencer

In 1999, “Summersault” by Taste Xperience

In 1999, “Women Beat Their Men” by Junior Cartier

In 2004, “Wonderful” by Ja Rule Featuring R. Kelly And Ashanti

In 2004, “Nothing Hurts Like Love” by Daniel Bedingfield

In 2004, “Stolen” by Jay Sean

In 2004, “You Won't Forget About Me” by Dannii Minogue vs. Flower Power

In 2004, “What Became Of The Likely Lads” by Libertines

In 2004, “Pump It Up” by Danzel

In 2004, “Lock Up Ya Daughters / Ministry Of Mayhem” by Noise Next Door

In 2004, “Your Mother's Got A Penis” by Goldie Lookin' Chain

In 2004, “The Bucket” by Kings Of Leon

In 2004, “Freakin' Out / All Over Me” by Graham Coxon

In 2004, “Open Arms” by Tina Turner

In 2004, “Helicopter” by Bloc Party

In 2004, “Stan Bowles” by Others

In 2004, “How To Be Dead” by Snow Patrol

In 2004, “Old Habits Die Hard” by Mick Jagger And Dave Stewart

In 2004, “Lo Mismo Que Yo (If Only)” by Alex Cuba Band Featuring Ron Sexsmith

In 2004, “Time For Deliverance” by Do Me Bad Things

In 2004, “Golden” by Jill Scott

In 2004, “I Said Pig On Friday” by Eastern Lane

In 2004, “Morning Wonder” by Earlies

In 2004, “I Wish It Wasn't True” by Supatonic

In 2004, “Starship” by Iceberg Slimm Featuring Coree

In 2004, “All Eyes” by Chikinki

In 2004, “Amen (Don't Be Afraid)” by Flash Brothers

In 2010, “Promise This” by Cheryl Cole

In 2010, “Only Girl (In The World)” by Rihanna

In 2010, “Seek Bromance” by Tim Berg

In 2010, “Defender” by Peter André

In 2010, “Runaway” by Devlin Featuring Yasmin

In 2010, “Stay The Night” by James Blunt

In 2010, “Falling In Love” by Ironik Featuring Jessica Lowndes

In 2010, “Fight For This Love” by Cheryl Cole

In 2010, “Here Comes My Baby” by Sons Of Admirals

In 2010, “Stay” by Shakespears Sister

In 2010, “Destabilise” by Enter Shikari

In 2010, 😀 “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

In 2010, “Aretha” by Rumer

In 2010, 😀 “Monster Mash” by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers

In 2010, “Cry Me A River” by Michael Bublé

In 2010, 😀 “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.

In 2010, “Rude Boy” by Rihanna

In 2010, “Parachute” by Cheryl Cole

In 2010, “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak

Australian Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1954, “Serenade” by Mario Lanza

In 1965, “Yesterday / Act Naturally” by The Beatles

In 1965, “Look Through Any Window” by The Hollies

In 1965, “I Live For The Sun” by Sunrays

In 1971, “Butterfly” by Danyel Gérard

In 1971, “Speak To The Sky” by Rick Springfield

In 1976, “Money, Money, Money / Crazy World” by ABBA

In 1976, “Rock Me Gently / You've Got The Gun (1976 Version)” by Sherbet

In 1976, “Horoscope / Jessica” by Harpo

In 1976, “A Dose Of Rock And Roll / Cryin'” by Ringo Starr

In 1976, “Hey, St. Peter / Walking In The Rain” by Flash And The Pan

In 1976, “It's So Nice (To Have You Home) / Hey, Look High” by The New Seekers

In 1976, “Every Little Bit Hurts / Cruisin' Out On You” by Shirley

In 1976, “Best Disco In Town (Part 1) / Best Disco In Town (Part 2)” by The Ritchie Family

In 1982, “Love My Way / Aeroplane” by The Psychedelic Furs

In 1982, “Friend or Foe / Juanito The Bandito” by Adam Ant

In 1982, 😀 “Chalk Dust (The Umpire Strikes Back) / Moody Mole” by The Brat

In 1982, “Heartlight / You Don't Know Me” by Neil Diamond

In 1982, “Winners / Pay The Piper (Live)” by Moving Pictures

In 1982, “The Dreaming / Dreamtime” by Kate Bush

In 1982, “I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby / Table Manners” by Kid Creole And The Coconuts

In 1982, “The River / Push or Slide” by King Trigger

In 1982, 😀 “Pass The Dutchie / Please Give Love A Chance” by Musical Youth

In 1982, “Back On The Chain Gang / My City Was Gone” by The Pretenders

In 1993, “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa

In 1993, “The World As It Is” by Daryl Braithwaite

In 1993, “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots

In 1993, “I'm So Into You” by SWV

In 1993, “The Right Time” by Hoodoo Gurus

In 1999, 😀 “Best Friend” by Toy-Box

In 1999, “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)” by Blessid Union Of Souls

In 1999, “There She Goes” by Sixpence None The Richer

In 1999, “Red Sun Rising” by Lost Witness

In 1999, “Passenger” by Powderfinger

In 2004, “My, My, My” by Armand Van Helden

In 2004, “Welcome To My Life” by Simple Plan

In 2004, “Goodies” by Ciara Featuring Petey Pablo

In 2004, “Afrodisiac” by Brandy

In 2004, “Simple” by Masonia

In 2004, “You Make Me Weak” by Jade Mac-Rae

In 2004, “A Man” by Neon

In 2004, “Beautiful To Me” by Little Birdy

In 2010, “Something In The Water” by Brooke Fraser

In 2010, “Clap Your Hands” by Sia

In 2010, “Mean” by Taylor Swift

New Zealand Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1976, “Sixteen Bars” by The Stylistics

In 1976, “Still The One” by Orleans

In 1976, “Come Inside” by The Commodores

In 1982, “Stool Pigeon” by Kid Creole And The Coconuts

In 1982, “Even The Nights Are Better” by Air Supply

In 1982, “Space Age Love Song” by A Flock Of Seagulls

In 1982, “Don't Go” by Yazoo

In 1982, “Poison Arrow” by ABC

In 1982, “Avalon” by Roxy Music

In 1993, “Hit The Ground Running” by Tim Finn

In 1993, “Go West” by Pet Shop Boys

In 1993, “Scorpio Girls” by Supergroove

In 1993, “Heaven Help” by Lenny Kravitz

In 1993, “Bombtrack” by Rage Against The Machine

In 1993, “Let 'Em In” by Shinehead

In 1993, “Weak” by SWV

In 1993, “The Shape Of Dolls” by Able Tasmans

In 1993, “Colour Blind” by Matty J. And Soul Syndicate

In 1993, “Can You Forgive Her?” by Pet Shop Boys

In 1999, 😀 “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65

In 1999, “Cold” by Deep Obsession

In 1999, “I Need To Know” by Marc Anthony

In 1999, “Then The Morning Comes” by Smash Mouth

In 1999, “(Mucho Mambo) Sway” by Shaft

In 1999, “Around The World” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

In 1999, “Someday” by Sugar Ray

In 1999, “One And Only” by Deep Obsession

In 1999, “Best Friend” by Mark Morrison And Connor Reeves

In 2004, “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers

In 2004, “Scar” by Missy Higgins

In 2004, “Millionaire” by Kelis Featuring André 3000

In 2004, “You Had Me” by Joss Stone

In 2004, “(Reach Up For The) Sunrise” by Duran Duran

In 2004, “Su'amalie / Ain't Mad At You” by Tha Feelstyle

In 2010, “We R Who We R” by Kesha

In 2010, “River” by Annabel Fay

In 2010, “Please Don't Go” by Mike Posner

In 2010, “Love Will Find A Way EP” by Lydia Cole

In 2010, “Let's Do It Again” by J-Boog

In 2010, “Takes Me Higher” by J. Williams Featuring Dane Rumble

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