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Music Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Name August 20

Last Updated 09-06-2019

🎵🏆Mayra Verónica -- Birthdate Conflict -- b.8/20/1980 N.S. or 8/20/1977 N.S.
Singer, Model, Cuban
Movie Titles: Pledge This!

🎵🏆Mayra Verónica -- Birthdate Conflict -- b.8/20/1980 N.S. or 8/20/1977 N.S.
Singer, Model, Cuban
Movie Titles: Pledge This!

🎵🎸Brad Avery -- is 48 in the year 2019 and 49 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1971
Rock & Roll Performer
Group Names: Third Day

🎵Jerome Eugene "Bigfoot" Brailey -- is 69 in the year 2019 and 70 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1950 N.S.
Hall of Famer, Rhythm and Blues Drummer
Group Names: Parliament-Funkadelic

🎵🎷Terry Clarke -- is 75 in the year 2019 and 76 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1944
Jazz Drummer, Canadian

🎵🎸Ian Clarke -- is 71 in the year 2019 and 72 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1948
Rock & Roll Drummer
Group Names: Uriah Heep

🎵Jamie Cullum -- is 40 in the year 2019 and 41 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1979 N.S.
Singer, Pianist, Jazz-Pop Performer, English

🎭🎵🎸Fred Durst -- is 49 in the year 2019 and 50 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1970
Movie Director, Rap-Rock Performer
Group Names: Limp Bizkit (lead)

🎵Rudy Gatlin -- is 67 in the year 2019 and 68 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1952
Country Musician
Names/Places: b. in Seminole, Texas
Misc: some say b. 1943
Group Names: The Gatlin Brothers

🎵🎷Milford Graves -- is 78 in the year 2019 and 79 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1941 N.S.
Percussionist, Jazz Drummer

🎵Haha -- is 40 in the year 2019 and 41 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1979 N.S.
Pop Singer

🎵John Hiatt -- is 67 in the year 2019 and 68 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1952
Songwriter, Pianist, Blues Singer/Guitarist

🎵🎸Ralf Hütter -- is 73 in the year 2019 and 74 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1946 N.S.
Drummer, Keyboardist, New Wave Singer, German
Misc: Strings; Woodwind
Group Names: Kraftwerk

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🎵KRS-One -- is 54 in the year 2019 and 55 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1965
Rap Music Performer

🎵🎸Gary Lalonde -- is 64 in the year 2019 and 65 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1955
Rock & Roll Bassist, Canadian
Group Names: Honeymoon Suite

🎵🎸John Lantree -- is 79 in the year 2019 and 80 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1940 N.S.
Rock-Pop Performer, Rock Bassist, British
Misc: some say b. 1941
Group Names: The Honeycombs

🎵David Lasley -- is 72 in the year 2019 and 73 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1947
Songwriter, Pop Singer

🎭🎵Demi Lovato -- is 27 in the year 2019 and 28 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1992
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Pop Singer
TV Shows: Barney and Friends, Sonny with a Chance (as Sonny Munroe), The X Factor

🎵Mike McKenzie -- is 64 in the year 2019 and 65 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1955
Guitarist, British

🎭🎵Alex Newell -- is 27 in the year 2019 and 28 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1992 N.S.
Actor, Singer
TV Shows: Glee (as Wade "Unique" Adams)
Movie Titles: Geography Club, Platypus the Musical, Mean Gurlz

🎵Michaela Anne Nobilette -- is 26 in the year 2019 and 27 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1993 N.S.
Pop Singer
Names/Places: aka MK Nobielette or Emkay Brazil

🎵🎸Rick Olsen -- is 63 in the year 2019 and 64 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1956
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Berlin

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🎵James Pankow -- is 72 in the year 2019 and 73 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1947
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Trombonist
Names/Places: b. in Chicago
Group Names: Chicago

🎵🎸Robert Plant -- is 71 in the year 2019 and 72 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1948
Hall of Famer, Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer, English
Names/Places: b. in Bromwich; MN:Anthony
Group Names: Led Zeppelin, soloist, Honeydrippers
Song Titles: Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song, Black Dog
Album Titles: Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, Led Zeppelin III, Led Zeppelin IV, Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti, Prescence, In Through The Out Door, Coda

🎵🎸John Povey -- is 75 in the year 2019 and 76 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1944
Organist, Pianist, Rock & Roll Performer, English
Group Names: The Pretty Things

🎵🎸Monique Powell -- is 44 in the year 2019 and 45 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1975
Alternative Rock Performer
Group Names: Save Ferris

🎵🎸Rick Rael -- is 58 in the year 2019 and 59 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1961
Heavy Metal Performer

🎵🎸Lou Svitek -- b.8/20/????
Rock & Roll Musician
Group Names: Mindfunk

🎵Richard Zatorski -- is 62 in the year 2019 and 63 in the year 2020; b.8/20/1957
Songwriter, Keyboardist, Australian
Group Names: Real Life

🎵🎸Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1966 N.S. d.12/8/2004 N.S. (38)
Heavy Metal Guitarst
Group Names: Pantera

🎭🎵🏆⚾André Baruch -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1908 d.9/15/1991 (83)
Announcer, Radio Disc Jock, Baseball Announcer, French
Misc: Your Hit Parade, The Shadow
Sports Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers (announcer)

🎵🎷Frankie Capp -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1931 N.S. d.9/12/2017 N.S. (86)
Jazz Drummer
Names/Places: aka: Frank Capp

🎵🎸"Diamond" Darrell -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1966 d.12/8/2004 (38)
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: Pantera

🎵🎸Doug Fieger -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1952 d.2/14/2010 (57)
Songwriter, Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist
Misc: some say b. 1957
Group Names: The Knack

🎵Sneaky Pete Kleinow -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1934 d.1/6/2007 (72)
Misc: Pedal Steel
Group Names: The Flying Burrito Bros

🎵Silas Leachman -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1859 d.4/28/1936 (76)

🎵🎸Phil Lynott -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1951 d.1/4/1986 (34)
Songwriter, Bassist, Heavy Metal Singer/Guitarist, Irish
Names/Places: b. in West Bromwich, Birmingham, England
Group Names: Thin Lizzy, soloist

🎵J. J. Malone -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1935 d.2/20/2004 (68)
Keyboardist, Blues Guitarist, Soul Singer
Misc: a West Coast blues, electric blues, and soul blues musician.
Song Titles: It's a Shame

🎵Christine Nilsson -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1843 d.11/20/1921 (78)
Opera Soprano, Swedish

🎭🎵George O'Connor -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1874 d.9/28/1946 (72)
Stage Actor, Comedian, Singer

🎵Jacopo Peri -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1561 d.8/12/1633 (71)
Composer, Italian

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🎵🎷Jimmy Raney -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1927 d.5/10/1995 (67)
Guitarist, Jazz Performer
Group Names: Stan Getz (his quartet)

🎭🎵Alan Reed -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1907 N.S. d.6/14/1977 N.S. (69)
TV/Radio Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Songwriter
Names/Places: b. in New York City
TV Shows: Allen's Alley (as Falstaff Openshaw, radio 1932-49); Fred Allen Show, Life with Luigi, Mr. Adams & Eve (as JB Hafter), Peter Loves Mary (as Happy), The Flintstones (as Fred Flintstone), Where's Huddles (as Mad Dog Maloney)

🎭🎵Jim Reeves -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1923 d.7/31/1964 (41)
Hall of Famer, Actor, Songwriter, Radio Disc Jock, Country Singer/Guitarist
Names/Places: b. in Carthage, TX; NN:Gentleman
Misc: some say b. 1924; Pioneer of the Nashville Sound

🎵John Richbourg -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1910 d.2/15/1986 (75)
Hall of Famer, Radio Disc Jock, Soul Singer

🎵Paul Robi -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1931 d.2/1/1989 (57)
Hall of Famer, Baritone, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Platters

🎵Frank Rosolino -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1926 d.11/26/1978 (52)

🎵🎷Joya Sherrill -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1924 d.6/28/2010 (85)
Singer, Jazz Performer

🎨🎵Peter "Hithouse" Slaghuis -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1961 N.S. d.9/5/1991 N.S. (30)
Hairstylist, Songwriter, Radio Disc Jock, Dutch (Netherlands)
Misc: scratcher; sound engineer; of Video Kids "Woodpeckers From Space"; remixed Nu Shooz's "I Can't Wait" into a dance hit.

🎵🎷Jack Teagarden -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1905 d.1/15/1964 (58)
Trombonist, Bandleader, Jazz Singer
Names/Places: FMN:Weldon John; Charlie's brother

🎵Justin Tubb -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/20/1935 d.1/24/1998 (62)
Songwriter, Country Singer
Names/Places: b. in San Antonio, TX; Ernest's son
Misc: Grand Ole Opry regular

🎵Rose Elizabeth Bampton -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/28/1908 d.8/20/2007 (98)
Opera Singer

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🎵Ross Barbour -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/31/1928 d.8/20/2011 (82)
Group Names: The Four Freshmen

🎵Johnny Carter -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/2/1934 d.8/20/2009 (75)
Hall of Famer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Flamingos, The Dells

🎨🎭🎵Phyllis Diller -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/17/1917 d.8/20/2012 (95)
Painter, Actress, Comedienne, Panelist, Pianist
Names/Places: b. in Lima, OH; NN:Wizard of Ooze; RLN:Driver
TV Shows: The Gong Show (panelist), The Hollywood Squares (panelist), The Pruitts of Southhampton, The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show, Bold & The Beautiful

🎵Irving Fields -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/4/1915 N.S. d.8/20/2016 N.S. (101)
Composer, Pianist, Bandleader

🎵Paul Foster -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/12/1920 d.8/20/1995 (75)
Hall of Famer, Gospel Performer
Group Names: The Soul Stirrers

🎵Mabel Garrison -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/24/1886 d.8/20/1963 (77)
Opera Soprano

🎵Maurice Gendron -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/26/1920 d.8/20/1990 (69)
Teacher, Cellist, French

🎵🎷Thad Jones -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/28/1923 N.S. d.8/20/1986 N.S. (63)
Composer, Cornetist, Drummer, Flugelhorn, Bandleader, Jazz Trumpeter
Group Names: Count Basie

🎵Larry Knechtel -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/4/1940 d.8/20/2009 (69)
Singer, Bassist, Drummer
Group Names: Bread

⛪🎭🎵Jerry (Comedian) Lewis -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/16/1926 d.8/20/2017 N.S. (91)
Hall of Famer, Jewish, Movie Actor, Comedian, Variety Show Host, Movie Producer/Director, Novelty Singer
Names/Places: b. in Newark, N.J.; RN:Joseph Levitch
Song Titles: Sunday Driving
TV Shows: The Colgate Comedy Hour (as cohost with Dean Martin), The Jerry Lewis Show
Movie Titles: The King of Comedy, The Bellboy, The Nutty Professor

🎵Carol Lindsay -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/12/1930 d.8/20/2006 N.S. (76)
Pop Singer, English
Names/Places: aka Carol Lindsay Young
Group Names: The Kaye Sisters

🎭🎵Ilona Massey -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/16/1910 N.S. d.8/20/1974 N.S. (64)
Movie Actress, Singer, Hungarian
Names/Places: RLN:Hajmassy
Misc: Glamorous continental star

🎵Leon McAuliffe -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/3/1917 d.8/20/1988 (71)
Guitarist, Country Performer
Misc: one of the first country musicians to use an electric steel guitar

🎵🎷Margaret "Marian" McPartland -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/20/1918 N.S. d.8/20/2013 N.S. (95)
Songwriter, Pianist, Jazz Performer, Jazz Pianist, English
Misc: founded Halycon Records; some say b. 1920

🎵Rio Reiser -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/9/1950 N.S. d.8/20/1996 N.S. (46)
Singer, Musician, German
Group Names: Ton Steine Scherben

🎵Orville "Red" Rhodes -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/30/1930 d.8/20/1995 (64)
Group Names: Michael Nesmith Band
Song Titles: Dobro

🎵🎸Matt Roberts -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/10/1978 N.S. d.8/20/2016 N.S. (38)
Rock & Roll Guitarist
Group Names: 3 Doors Down

🎵🎸Bobby Sheehan -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/12/1968 d.8/20/1999 (31)
Modern Rock Musician
Group Names: Blues Traveler

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🎵Eddie "Chank" Willis -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/3/1936 N.S. d.8/20/2018 N.S. (82)
Guitarist, Sitarist, Soul Musician
Group Names: The Funk Brothers

🎵Billy Johnson -- Birth Anniversary Conflict -- b.8/20/1924 or 8/20/1928 d.4/28/1987
Hall of Famer, Guitarist
Group Names: The Moonglows

🎵Billy Johnson -- Birth Anniversary Conflict -- b.8/20/1924 or 8/20/1928 d.4/28/1987
Hall of Famer, Guitarist
Group Names: The Moonglows

U.S. Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1949, “Someday” by Vaughn Monroe

In 1949, “Forever And Ever” by Russ Morgan And The Skylarks

In 1949, “Room Full Of Roses” by Dick Haymes

In 1949, “Ain't She Sweet” by Mr. Ford And Mr. Goon-Bones

In 1955, “Maybellene” by Chuck Berry

In 1955, “Autumn Leaves” by Roger Williams

In 1955, “The Bible Tells Me So” by Nick Noble

In 1955, “Seventeen” by Rusty Draper

In 1955, 😀 “The Popcorn Song” by Cliffie Stone Orchestra

In 1960, “My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own” by Connie Francis

In 1960, “Chain Gang” by Sam Cooke

In 1960, “Bongo Bongo Bongo” by Preston Epps

In 1960, 😀 “A Kookie Little Paradise” by Jo-Ann Campbell

In 1960, “Do You Mind” by Anthony Newley

In 1960, “Pineapple Princess” by Annette With The Afterbeats

In 1960, 😀 “A Kookie Little Paradise” by The Tree Swingers

In 1966, 😀 “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles

In 1966, “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep” by The Temptations

In 1966, “What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted” by Jimmy Ruffin

In 1966, “Cherry, Cherry” by Neil Diamond

In 1966, “B-A-B-Y” by Carla Thomas

In 1966, “Little Darlin' (I Need You)” by Marvin Gaye

In 1966, “Ain't Nobody Home” by Howard Tate

In 1966, “Dear Mrs. Applebee” by Flip Cartridge

In 1966, “You're Gonna Miss Me” by Thirteenth Floor Elevators

In 1966, “She Drives Me Out Of My Mind” by Swingin' Medallions

In 1966, “Come Share The Good Times With Me” by Julie Monday

In 1966, “Get Away” by Georgie Fame

In 1966, “Rumors” by Syndicate Of Sound

In 1977, “I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You” by The Alan Parsons Project

In 1977, “Heaven On The 7th Floor” by Paul Nicholas

In 1977, “Look What You've Done To My Heart” by Marilyn McCoo And Billy Davis, Jr.

In 1977, “You're The Only One” by The J. Geils Band

In 1977, “It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me” by Barry White

In 1977, “Can't You See” by The Marshall Tucker Band

In 1977, 😀 “Martian Boogie” by Brownsville Station

In 1977, “Nothing But A Breeze” by Jesse Winchester

In 1977, “Turning To You” by Charlie

In 1983, “Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)” by Sheena Easton

In 1983, “Someone Belonging To Someone” by The Bee Gees

In 1983, “Don't Forget To Dance” by The Kinks

In 1983, “Ship To Shore” by Chris De Burgh

In 1983, “Everyday I Write The Book” by Elvis Costello And The Attractions

In 1983, “It Must Be Love” by Madness

In 1983, “Garden Party” by Herb Alpert

In 1983, “Do It Again/Billie Jean” by Club House

In 1983, “Bad, Bad Billy” by Snuff

In 1983, “I Can Make You Dance (Part 1)” by Zapp

In 1983, “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock

In 1983, “Ain't Nobody” by Chaka Khan And Rufus

In 1983, “I Wanted To Tell Her” by Ministry

In 1983, “At 15” by Kagny And The Dirty Rats

In 1988, “Don't You Know What The Night Can Do?” by Steve Winwood

In 1988, “True Love” by Glenn Frey

In 1988, “Another Lover” by Giant Steps

In 1988, “The Rumour” by Olivia Newton-John

In 1988, “Indestructable” by The Four Tops

In 1988, “It Takes Two” by Rob Base And D.J. E-Z Rock

In 1988, 😀 “Wild, Wild West” by The Escape Club

In 1988, “She's On The Left” by Jeffrey Osborne

In 1994, 😀 “The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wemoweh)” by The Tokens

In 1994, “Letitgo” by Prince

In 1994, “Good Times” by Edie Brickell And The New Bohemians

In 1994, “Summer Bunnies” by R. Kelly

In 1994, “Right Beside You” by Sophie B. Hawkins

In 1994, “Think Twice” by Céline Dion

In 2005, “Seasons Of Love” by Cast Of Rent

In 2005, 😀 “Axel F” by Crazy Frog

In 2005, 😀 “My Humps” by The Black Eyed Peas

In 2005, “Dirty Little Secret” by The All-American Rejects

In 2005, “All Jacked Up” by Gretchen Wilson

In 2005, “Georgia Rain” by Trisha Yearwood

In 2005, “Girl” by Beck

In 2011, “Under And Over It” by Five Finger Death Punch

In 2011, “Lights” by Ellie Goulding

In 2011, “Ships In The Night” by Mat Kearney

In 2011, “In The Dark” by Dev

In 2011, “Till I'm Gone” by Tinie Tempah Featuring Wiz Khalifa

In 2011, “Far Away” by Tyga Featuring Chris Richardson

In 2016, “Closer” by The Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey

In 2016, “Setting The World On Fire” by Kenny Chesney Featuring P!nk

In 2016, “Lush Life” by Zara Larsson

In 2016, “Holy Key” by DJ Khaled Featuring Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar And Betty Wright

In 2016, “Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld And Grey Featuring Zedd

In 2016, “Chill Bill” by Rob $Tone Featuring J. Davi$ And Spooks

U.K. Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1955, “The Breeze And I” by Caterina Valente

In 1955, “Something's Gotta Give” by Sammy Davis, Jr.

In 1960, “Apache” by Bert Weedon

In 1960, “Because They're Young” by James Darren

In 1960, “Only The Lonely” by Roy Orbison

In 1960, “Please Help Me, I'm Falling” by Hank Locklin

In 1960, 😀 “Mule Skinner Blues” by Rusty Draper

In 1966, “Too Soon To Know” by Roy Orbison

In 1966, “Distant Drums” by Jim Reeves

In 1966, “Big Time Operator” by Zoot Money And The Big Roll Band

In 1966, “Blowin' In The Wind” by Stevie Wonder

In 1966, “Headline News” by Edwin Starr

In 1966, “This Is That” by Tom Jones

In 1966, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” by Junior Walker And The All Stars

In 1966, 😀 “Lil Red Riding Hood” by Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs

In 1977, “Sunshine After The Rain” by Elkie Brooks

In 1977, “All I Think About Is You” by Nilsson

In 1977, “Down The Hall” by Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons

In 1977, “You've Been Doing Me Wrong” by Delegation

In 1977, “Down Deep Inside” by Donna Summer

In 1983, “Wings Of A Dove” by Madness

In 1983, 😀 “Red, Red Wine” by UB40

In 1983, “Blue World” by The Moody Blues

In 1983, “Like An Animal” by Glove

In 1983, “You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll” by Twisted Sister

In 1983, “Holy River” by Dio

In 1983, “Tahiti” by David Essex

In 1983, “Dr. Jam” by Men At Play

In 1983, “Stars On 45 Proudly Presents The Star Sisters” by Stars On 45

In 1983, “Riders On The Storm” by Annabel Lamb

In 1983, “When The 12th Of Never Comes” by Silent Running

In 1983, “It's Raining Men” by The Weather Girls

In 1983, “Cold Blooded” by Rick James

In 1983, “Don't You Get So Mad” by Jeffrey Osborne

In 1983, “Let's Start The Dance III” by Hamilton Bohannon

In 1983, “Try Your Lovin'” by Cashmere

In 1983, “Night And Day” by Everything But The Girl

In 1988, “King Of Emotion” by Big Country

In 1988, “Running All Over The World” by Status Quo

In 1988, “Sweet Child O' Mine” by Guns N' Roses

In 1988, “I Won't Bleed For You” by Climie Fisher

In 1988, “Superstitious” by Europe

In 1988, “Where Did I Go Wrong” by UB40

In 1988, “Jump Start” by Natalie Cole

In 1988, “Coming Back For More” by Jellybean

In 1988, “Every Girl And Boy” by Spagna

In 1988, “I Hate Myself For Loving You” by Joan Jett And The Blackhearts

In 1988, “Answers To Nothing” by Midge Ure

In 1988, “Destroy The Heart” by House Of Love

In 1988, “Still Waiting” by Dorothy

In 1988, “Kingdom Chairs” by The Soup Dragons

In 1988, “First Boy In This Town” by Scritti Politti

In 1988, “Static” by James Brown

In 1988, “Do You Know What The Night Can Do” by Steve Winwood

In 1988, 😀 “Parents Just Don't Understand” by DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince

In 1988, “Everybody” by Phoenix

In 1988, “Hib's Heroes” by Hibernian Football Squad

In 1988, “There's More To Love” by The Communards

In 1988, “The Flame” by Cheap Trick

In 1994, “Live Forever” by Oasis

In 1994, “Eighteen Strings” by Tinman

In 1994, “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden

In 1994, “Someone To Love” by Sean Maguire

In 1994, “So Good” by Eternal

In 1994, “Do It” by Tony Di Bart

In 1994, “Interlude” by Morrissey And Siouxsie

In 1994, “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” by Sounds Of Blackness

In 1994, “Doggy Dogg World” by Snoop Doggy Dogg

In 1994, “Age Of Loneliness” by Enigma

In 1994, “Lucky You” by The Lightning Seeds

In 1994, “Who's The Darkman” by Darkman

In 1994, “Listen” by Urban Species Featuring MC Solaar

In 1994, “Vasoline” by Stone Temple Pilots

In 1994, “This Generation” by Roachford

In 1994, “Bonita Banana” by Espiritu

In 1994, “Basket Case” by Green Day

In 1994, “Vibe” by Zhane

In 1994, “How It Is” by Biohazard

In 1994, “Missing” by Everything But The Girl

In 1994, “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith

In 2005, “All The Way” by Craig David

In 2005, “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp

In 2005, “Belly Dancer (Bananza)” by Akon

In 2005, “Love Me Like You” by Magic Numbers

In 2005, “Big City Life” by Mattafix

In 2005, “Feel The Vibe (Til The Morning Comes)” by Axwell

In 2005, “St. Petersburg” by Supergrass

In 2005, “Further” by Longview

In 2005, “Unsatisfied” by Nine Black Alps

In 2005, “9 To 5” by Lady Sovereign

In 2005, “Obsession (No Es Amor)” by Frankie J

In 2005, “Mesmerized” by Faith Evans

In 2005, “Excuse My Brother” by Mitchell Brothers

In 2005, “I See Girls” by Studio B

In 2005, “Wisemen” by James Blunt

In 2005, “1” by Joy Zipper

In 2005, “Revolution Over The Phone” by Mardous

In 2011, “Promises” by Nero

In 2011, “Titanium” by David Guetta Featuring Sia

In 2011, “Who's Laughing Now” by Jessie J

In 2011, “Wet” by Nicole Scherzinger

In 2011, “Parachutes” by Charlie Simpson

In 2011, “Lift Off” by Jay-Z And KanYe West Featuring Beyoncé

In 2011, “Headlines” by Drake

In 2011, “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez And The Scene

In 2011, “Shuffle” by Bombay Bicycle Club

In 2011, “Stronger” by Erick Morillo vs. Eddie Thoneick Featuring Angel Taylor

In 2011, “Man Down” by Rihanna

In 2011, “Monster” by Paramore

In 2011, “Nasty Girl” by The Notorious B.I.G. Featuring Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge And Avery Storm

In 2011, “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” by Shakira Featuring Freshlyground

In 2011, “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas

In 2011, “What A Feeling” by Alex Gaudino Featuring Kelly Rowland

In 2011, “Love The Way You Lie” by Eminem Featuring Rihanna

In 2016, “Let Me Love You” by DJ Snake Featuring Justin Bieber

In 2016, “Cool Girl” by Tove Lo

In 2016, “Purple Lamborghini” by Skrillex And Rick Ross

In 2016, “Gangsta” by Kehlani

In 2016, 😀 “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Panic! At The Disco

In 2016, “Luv” by Tory Lanez

In 2016, “Toothbrush” by DNCE

In 2016, “You Don't Own Me” by Grace Featuring G-Eazy

In 2016, “Somebody Else” by The 1975

In 2016, “Charlemagne” by The Blossoms

Australian Pop Singles Chart Debuts

In 1955, “Hey Mr. Banjo” by The Stargazers

In 1955, “Something's Gotta Give” by The McGuire Sisters / Sammy Davis, Jr.

In 1955, “Chee Chee-oo Chee (Sang The Little Bird)” by Dean Martin

In 1960, “Look For A Star” by Gary Miles

In 1960, “Banjo Boy” by Jan And Kjeld

In 1966, “Bus Stop” by The Hollies

In 1966, “I Saw Her Again (Last Night)” by The Mamas And The Papas

In 1966, “I Couldn't Live Without Your Love” by Petula Clark

In 1966, “Hanky Panky” by Tommy James And The Shondells

In 1966, 😀 “They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaaa!” by Napoleon XIV

In 1977, “Feels Like The First Time / Woman Oh Woman” by Foreigner

In 1977, “Hard Rock Cafe / To Know That I Love You” by Carole King

In 1977, “Whispering Grass / I Should Have Known” by Windsor Davies And Don Estelle

In 1977, “So You Win Again / A Part Of Being With You” by Hot Chocolate

In 1977, “Rock Around The Clock / Shout (Parts 1 And 2)” by Col Joye / Johnny O'Keefe

In 1983, “True” by Spandau Ballet

In 1983, “I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues” by Elton John Featuring Stevie Wonder

In 1983, “Temptation” by Heaven 17

In 1983, “Show Me Some Discipline” by Sunnyboys

In 1983, “Maxine” by Sharon O'Neill

In 1983, “Maggie” by Foster And Allen

In 1988, 😀 “Doctorin' The Tardis” by The KLF alias The Timelords

In 1988, “Hole In My Heart (All The Way To China)” by Cyndi Lauper

In 1988, “Anything For You” by Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine

In 1988, “All Fired Up” by Pat Benatar

In 1988, “I Wish I Had A Girl” by Henry Lee Summer

In 1994, “The Rhythm Of The Night” by Corona

In 1994, “Letitgo” by Prince

In 1994, “Tunnel” by The Screaming Jets

In 1994, “If You Go” by Jon Secada

In 1994, “Hey Jealousy” by Gin Blossoms

In 2005, “Cater 2 U” by Destiny's Child

In 2005, “First” by Lindsay Lohan

In 2005, “Everything Burns” by Ben Moody Featuring Anastacia

In 2005, “Oh Yeah” by Taxiride

In 2005, “Remedy” by Seether

In 2005, “Come Get Some” by Rooster

In 2011, “Titanium” by David Guetta Featuring Sia

In 2011, “Take Me Away” by Marvin Priest Featuring Wynter Gordon

In 2011, “Change Your Heart” by Shave

In 2011, “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae

In 2011, “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez And The Scene

In 2016, “Let Me Love You” by DJ Snake Featuring Justin Bieber

In 2016, “Sucker For Pain” by Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa And Imagine Dragons Featuring Logic, Ty Dolla $ign And X Ambassadors

In 2016, “Purple Lamborghini” by Skrillex And Rick Ross

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