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Entertainment Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Name August 16

Last Updated 12-05-2019

🎭🎵Sharon Baird -- is 76 in the year 2019 and 77 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1943
TV Actress, Singer
Names/Places: aka Sharon Lee Kaiser
TV Shows: Annette (as Kitty), The Mickey Mouse Club, New Zoo Revue (as Charlie the Owl), HR Pufinstuf (as Judy Frog/Lady Boyd/Shirley Pufinstuf), Land of the Lost (as Sa), Lidsville (as Raunchy Rabbit), Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (as Big Daddy Ooze), The Bugaloos (as Funky Rat)
Movie Titles: The Lord of the Rings (1978)

✍🎭Bob Balaban -- is 74 in the year 2019 and 75 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1945
Author, Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: aka FN:Robert
Movie Titles: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Ghost World, 2010, Girlfriends, Absence of Malice, Altered States, A Mighty Wind

🎭🎮🎵Angela Bassett -- is 61 in the year 2019 and 62 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1958
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress, Singer
TV Shows: ER (as Cate Banfield), American Horror Story (as Ramona Royale)
Movie Titles: Malcolm X, What's Love Got to Do With It, Waiting To Exhale, Contact, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Music of the Heart, The Score
Video Games: Rainbow Six: Siege

✍🎭Bruce Beresford -- is 79 in the year 2019 and 80 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1940
Screen/Scriptwriter, Producer/Director, Australian
Movie Titles: Double Jeopardy, Breaker Morant, Tender Mercies, Driving Miss Daisy

✍🎭Adam Berg -- is 30 in the year 2019 and 31 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1989 N.S.
Comedy Writer, Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Studio C

🎭🎵Ann Marie Blyth -- is 91 in the year 2019 and 92 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1928
Actress, Commercial Actress, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Mt. Kisco, NY
Misc: Hostess Cupcake ads

🎭Jonathan Bouck -- is 37 in the year 2019 and 38 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1982
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
Misc: retired from acting in 2002
Movie Titles: Small Soldiers, Parenthood, The Man From Left Field

🎭Frankie Boyle -- is 47 in the year 2019 and 48 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1972 N.S.
Comedian, Panelist, Scotish
Video Titles: Frankie Boyle: Live in 2008
TV Shows: Mock the Week (panelist), Distraction (writer), TV Heaven Telly Hell (writer)

🎭Agnes Bruckner -- is 34 in the year 2019 and 35 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1985
Actress, Producer
Movie Titles: Stateside, Blood and Chocolate, Murder by Numbers, The Woods, Venom

✍🎭James Cameron -- is 65 in the year 2019 and 66 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1954
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Producer/Director, Canadian
Movie Titles: Xenogenesis, The Abyss, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Avatar, Titanic, Rambo II, Aliens, True Lies

🎭Steven Carell -- is 57 in the year 2019 and 58 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1962 N.S.
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Watching Ellie (as Edgar), The Office (as Michael Scott)
Movie Titles: Despicabkle Me, Crazy Stupid Love, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Little Miss Sunshine, Evan Almighty, Dan in Real Life, Horton Hears a Who, Get Smart (2008 movie)

🎭Josh Casaubon -- is 41 in the year 2019 and 42 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1978
Actor, Producer
Movie Titles: The Good Shepherd, Down Dog, Too Big to Fail, Rainbow Rabbit Reliant

🎭🎮Arden Cho -- is 34 in the year 2019 and 35 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1985 N.S.
Actress, Stuntwoman, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: Teen Wolf (as Kira Yukimura)
Video Games: Tomb Raider

🎭Gary Clarke -- is 86 in the year 2019 and 87 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1933
TV Shows: The Virginian (as Steve Hill), Hondo
Movie Titles: Tombstone, The Paperboy

🎭Piper Curda -- is 22 in the year 2019 and 23 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1997 N.S.
TV Shows: I Didn't Do It (as Jasmine), A.N.T. Farm

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🎭Suzanne Farrell -- is 74 in the year 2019 and 75 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1945
Names/Places: RN:Roberta Sue Ficker

🎭Lorraine Gary -- is 82 in the year 2019 and 83 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1937
Misc: retired from acting in 1987
Movie Titles: 1941, Jaws (series)

✍⛪📰🎭🎵Kathie Lee Gifford -- is 66 in the year 2019 and 67 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1953
Hall of Famer, Dramatist/Playwright, Jewish, Correspondent, Actress, Soap Actress, TV Talk Show Hostess, Producer, Songwriter, Singer, French
Names/Places: Hebrew-Christian; RLN:Epstein; Paul Johnson's, then Frank's wife
Misc: Carnival Cruise Lines spokesperson
TV Shows: Days of Our Lives, Hee Haw Honeys, Good Morning America (correspondent), Regis & Kathie Lee, Today

🎭Cam Gigandet -- is 37 in the year 2019 and 38 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1982
TV Shows: The O.C. (as Kevin Volchok)
Movie Titles: Red Sky, Twilight, Easy A, Pandorum, Priest, Never Back Down

🎭Anita Gillette -- is 83 in the year 2019 and 84 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1936
TV Shows: Me & the Chimp, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (as Alice), All that Glitters, The Baxters, Quincy M.E. (as Dr. Emily Hanover)
Movie Titles: Shall We Dance?, Moonstruck, She's the One

🎭🎮Malcolm Groome -- is 70 in the year 2019 and 71 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1949
Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
Movie Titles: The Spitfire Grill, Gideon's Trumpet
Video Games: SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs

🎭🎮Todd Haberkorn -- is 37 in the year 2019 and 38 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1982 N.S.
Cartoon Voice Actor, Director, Video Game Voice Actor
Misc: prolific anime voice actor
TV Shows: Soul Eater (as Death the Kid), D.Gray-man, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (as Ling Yao)
Movie Titles: The Collector
Video Games: Return of the Guitar Lord, Final Fantasy (series), Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Naruto Shippuden (series)

🎭Paul Hecht -- is 78 in the year 2019 and 79 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1941
Actor, English
Movie Titles: Private Parts, Fitzgerald

🎭🎮🎵🎷Kate Higgins -- is 50 in the year 2019 and 51 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1969 N.S.
Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer, Video Game Voice Actress, Jazz Musician
Misc: prolific anime voice actress
TV Shows: Tenkai Knights, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Sailor Moon Crystal, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, Naruto (series as Sakura Haruno), Bleach
Video Games: Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Naruto (series), Lord of Magna (series), Xenoblade (series), Monster High (series)

🎭Timothy Hutton -- is 59 in the year 2019 and 60 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1960
Movie Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Malubu, ex-Brat Pack; Debra Winger's ex-; Jim's son
TV Shows: Leverage (as Sherriff Nathan Ford), American Crime (as Coach Dan Sullivan)
Movie Titles: The Ghost Writerm Kinsey, Falcon & the Snowman, Ordinary People, Beautiful Girls, The General's Daughter

🎭Laura Innes -- is 62 in the year 2019 and 63 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1957
Actress, Director
TV Shows: ER (as Dr. Kerry Weaver)
Movie Titles: Deep Impact

🎭Saif Ali Khan -- is 49 in the year 2019 and 50 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1970 N.S.
Actor, India

🎭🎵Donovan Leitch -- is 52 in the year 2019 and 53 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1967
Actor, Producer/Director, Singer, English
Names/Places: son of Donovan
Movie Titles: Glory, The Blob, Cutting Class, I Shot Andy Warhol

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🎭🎵Ketty Lester -- is 85 in the year 2019 and 86 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1934
Actress, Singer
Names/Places: RN:Revoyda Frierson
TV Shows: Little House on the Prarie (as Hester Sue Terhune), Morningstar/Eveningstar
Movie Titles: Blacula, House Party 3

🎭Evanna Lynch -- is 28 in the year 2019 and 29 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1991 N.S.
Actress, Irish
TV Shows: Harry Potter (series as Luna)

🎭🎵Madonna -- is 61 in the year 2019 and 62 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1958
Hall of Famer, Vegetarian, Movie/Stage Actress, Producer, Dancer, Songwriter, Hip-Pop Singer
Names/Places: b. in Bay City, NJ; RN:Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Penn; Sean Penn's ex-wife
Misc: her "Like A Virgin" was parodied by "Weird Al" into "Like A Surgeon"
Song Titles: Everybody, Burnin' Up, Physical Attraction, Holiday, Borderline, Lucky Star, Burning Up, Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Crazy For You, Angel, Into The Groove, Dress You Up, Gambler, Live To Tell, Papa Don't Preach, True Blue, Open Your Heart, La Isla Bonita, Who's That Girl, Causing A Commotion, Like A Prayer, Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, Ray of Light
Movie Titles: Desparately Seeking Susan, Who's That Girl, Shanghai Surprise, Dick Tracy (as Breathless Mahoney), A League of Their Own, Evita, The Next Best Thing, Arthur and the Invisibles

🎭Marshall Manesh -- is 69 in the year 2019 and 70 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1950 N.S.
Actor, Producer, Iranian
TV Shows: How I Met Your Mother (as Ranjit), Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life, Will and Grace
Movie Titles: The Big Lebowski, True Lies, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

🎭Crystal McKellar -- is 43 in the year 2019 and 44 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1976
Environmentalist, TV Actress
Names/Places: Danica's sister
TV Shows: The Wonder Years (as Becky Slater)

🎭🎮Andy Milder -- is 50 in the year 2019 and 51 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1969
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Video Game Voice Actor
TV Shows: Legion of Super Heroes, Austin and Ally (as Lester), Weeds (as Dean Hodes)
Movie Titles: Apollo 13, Armageddon, Frost/Nixon, Star Trek (series), Seven Pounds, Frost/Nixon, Transformers
Video Games: Lego Star Wars (series)

🎭Cristin Milioti -- is 34 in the year 2019 and 35 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1985
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer
TV Shows: Fargo, How I Met Your Mother (as Tracy McConnell), The Mindy Project
Movie Titles: The Wolf on Wall Street, Sleepwalk With Me, Year of the Carnivore

🎭Cameron Monaghan -- is 26 in the year 2019 and 27 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1993 N.S.
TV Shows: Gotham (as Jerome Valeska), Shameless (as Ian Gallagher)
Movie Titles: The Giber, Mercy Street, Vampire Academy

🎭Julie Newmar -- is 86 in the year 2019 and 87 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1933
TV/Movie/Stage Actress, Dancer
Names/Places: b. in Los Angeles; RN:Julia Charlene Newmeyer
Misc: not b. 1930 or 1935
TV Shows: My Living Doll, Batman (as The Catwoman)
Movie Titles: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Mackenna's Gold, Ghosts Can't Do It

🎭Caitlin O'Heaney -- is 66 in the year 2019 and 67 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1953
TV Shows: Apple Pie, Tales of the Gold Monkey (as Sarah), The Charmings (as Snow White)
Movie Titles: The Emperor's Club, Late Phases

🎭Okieriete Onaodowan -- is 32 in the year 2019 and 33 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1987 N.S.

🎭Jeff Perry -- is 64 in the year 2019 and 65 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1955
Actor, Producer/Director
TV Shows: Grey's Anatomy (as Thatcher Grey), Nash Bridges (as Harvey Leek), Scandal (as Cyrus Beene)
Movie Titles: Wild Things, The Griftersl

🎭Seth Peterson -- is 49 in the year 2019 and 50 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1970 N.S.
TV Shows: Burn Notice, Providence (as Robbie Hansen)
Movie Titles: Hate Crime, Godzilla (1998), Can't Hardly Wait

🎭Jonathan Prince -- is 61 in the year 2019 and 62 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1958
Names/Places: Julie Warner's hubby
TV Shows: Mr. Merlin, Alice (as Danny), American Dreams (writer), The Cleaner (writer)
Movie Titles: 18 Again!

🎭Shawn Pyfrom -- is 33 in the year 2019 and 34 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1986
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Desperate Housewives (as Andrew Van De Kamp)
Movie Titles: Pay It Forward, The Shaggy Dog, The Darkroom

🎭Joaquin Reyes -- is 45 in the year 2019 and 46 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1974 N.S.
Actor, Comedian, Spanish
TV Shows: Museo Coconut, Muchachada Nui, La Hora Chanante
Movie Titles: Ghost Graduation

🎭Jase Robertson -- is 50 in the year 2019 and 51 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1969 N.S.
Reality TV Star

🎭Summer Rain Rutler -- is 5 in the year 2019 and 6 in the year 2020; b.8/16/2014
Names/Places: Christina Aguilera and Matt's daughter

🎭🏆Becky Delos Santos -- is 50 in the year 2019 and 51 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1969
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: April 1994

🎭Kevin G. Schmidt -- is 31 in the year 2019 and 32 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1988
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Poor Paul
Movie Titles: The Butterfly Effect, Cheaper by the Dozen

🎭John Standing -- is 85 in the year 2019 and 86 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1934
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, English
Misc: a seventh-generation actor
TV Shows: Lime Street
Movie Titles: V for Vendetta, The Elephant Man, 8 1/2 Women, The Man Who Knew Too Little

🎭🏆George Stults -- is 44 in the year 2019 and 45 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1975
Actor, Model
TV Shows: 7th Heaven (as Kevin Kinkirk)
Movie Titles: Hydra, Necrosis, Night Skies

🎭🏆🎾Tony Trabert -- is 89 in the year 2019 and 90 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1930
Hall of Famer, TV Host, Tennis Player, Tennis Coach
Names/Places: RN:Marion Anthony Trabert
Misc: U.S. Open 1953, 1955; 1955 Wimbledon

🎭Reginald VelJohnson -- is 67 in the year 2019 and 68 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1952
TV/Movie Actor, Comedian
TV Shows: Family Matters (as Carl Winslow), Hart of Dixie (as Dash Dewitt), Hitting the Breaks (as Chauncey Van Delaware)
Movie Titles: Ghostbusters, Die Hard (series)

✍🎭Taika Waititi -- is 44 in the year 2019 and 45 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1975 N.S.
Screenwriter, Actor, Comedian, Filmmaker, Director, New Zealand

⛪🎭Lesley Ann Warren -- is 73 in the year 2019 and 74 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1946
Jewish, TV/Movie Actress, Producer
Names/Places: b. in New York City
TV Shows: Mission: Impossible (as Dana Lambert), 79 Park Avenue, Pearl
Movie Titles: Secretary, The Limey, Jobs, 110 in the Shade, Portrait of a Stripper, Victor/Victoria

🎭Rumer Glenn Willis -- is 31 in the year 2019 and 32 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1988
Names/Places: Demi Moore & Bruce Willis' daughter
TV Shows: 90210 (as Gia Mannetti)
Movie Titles: The Whole Nine Yards, Hostage, Striptease, The House Bunny, Wild Cherry

🎭Parker Young -- is 31 in the year 2019 and 32 in the year 2020; b.8/16/1988
Actor, Producer
TV Shows: Enlisted (as Private Randy Hill), Suburgatory (as Ryan Shay)
Movie Titles: 4th Man Out, Animal

🎭Gloria Blondell -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1910 d.3/25/1986 (75)
TV Actress
Names/Places: Joan's sister
Misc: some say b. 1915
TV Shows: Life of Riley (as Honeybee Gillis)

🎭Charles Carson -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1885 d.8/5/1977 (91)
Misc: b. 1889?

🎭🎮Christine Cavanaugh -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1963 d.12/22/2014 (51)
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: Sonic the Hedgehog, The Critic, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald (as Birdie in video shorts), Recess, Darkwing Duck, Rugrats, Dexter's Laboratory
Movie Titles: Babe (as the voice of the pig)
Video Games: Rugrats (series)

🎭Mae Clarke -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1910 N.S. d.4/29/1992 N.S. (81)
Names/Places: b. in Philadelphia; RN:Mary Klotz
Misc: most noted for playing Frankenstein's bride, chased by Boris Karloff in Frankenstein
Movie Titles: Frankenstein, Waterloo Bridge; Frankenstein

✍🎭Robert Culp -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1930 d.3/24/2010 (79)
Writer, TV/Movie Actor, Director
Names/Places: b. in Berkeley, CA
TV Shows: I Spy (as Kelly Robinson), Greatest American Hero (as Bill Maxwell)
Movie Titles: Trackdown

🎭Richard Hunt -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1951 d.1/7/1992 (40)
TV Shows: Sesame Street (as Scooter, grumpy Statler, Janice, other muppets)

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🎭Walter Kinsella -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1900 d.5/11/1975 (74)
TV Shows: Martin Kane (as Happy McMann)

🎭Lucien Littlefield -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1895 d.6/4/1960 (64)
TV Shows: Blondie (as Mr. Beasley, 1957)

🎭Lois Nettleton -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1927 d.1/18/2008 (80)
TV Shows: All that Glitters, Centennial, General Hospital

🎭🎵Fess Parker -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1924 d.3/18/2010 (85)
TV/Movie Actor, Folk Singer
Names/Places: b. in Fort Worth, TX
Misc: some say b. '25, '26, or '27
TV Shows: Davy Crockett (star and singer), Daniel Boone (star and singer), Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (as Senator Eugene Smith)
Movie Titles: Old Yeller

🎭Robert Ringling -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1897 d.1/3/1950 (52)
Entertainment Figure
Misc: circus master

🎭🎮Carole Shelley -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1939 N.S. d.8/31/2018 N.S. (79)
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Video Game Voice Actress, English
Movie Titles: Hercules, Robin Hood (1973)
Video Games: Hercules, Disney's Hades Challenge

🎭Glenn Strange -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1899 d.9/20/1973 (74)
TV/Movie Actor
Misc: mostly in western films usually as a villian
TV Shows: Gunsmoke (as Sam the bartender)
Movie Titles: Frankenstein

🎭Betsy Von Furstenberg -- Birth Anniversary -- b.8/16/1931 d.4/21/2015 (83)
Actress, German
Names/Places: RN:Elizabeth Caroline Maria Agatha Felicitas Therese von Furstenberg-Hedringen

🎭Acquanetta -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/17/1921 d.8/16/2004 (83)
Names/Places: FN:Burnu
Movie Titles: Tarzan and the Leopard Woman

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🎭🎵Elsie Baker -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/13/1883 d.8/16/1971 (88)
Actress, Singer

✍🎭Russ Bender -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/1/1910 d.8/16/1969 (59)
Writer, Actor
Movie Titles: Amazing Colossal Man, Space Monster

🎭Amanda Blake -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/20/1929 d.8/16/1989 (60)
TV Actress
Names/Places: b. in Buffalo; RN:Beverly Louise Neill
Misc: some say b. 1921, '27, '29, or '31
TV Shows: Gunsmoke (as Kitty Russell)

🎭Veda Ann Borg -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/11/1915 d.8/16/1973 (58)
TV Shows: The Abbott and Costello Show

🎭Denys Coop -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/20/1920 d.8/16/1981 (61)
Entertainment Figure

🎭Jeff Corey -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/10/1914 d.8/16/2002 (88)
TV/Movie Actor, Director
TV Shows: Hell Town (as Lawyer Sam), Morningstar/Eveningstar

🎭Eric Cullen -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/12/1965 d.8/16/1996 (31)
Actor, Scotish

🎭John Doucette -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/21/1921 d.8/16/1994 (73)
TV/Movie Actor
TV Shows: Lock Up, The Partners

🎭Benny Fields -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/14/1894 d.8/16/1959 (65)
Actor, Vaudevillan
Names/Places: Blossom Seeley's hubby

✍🎭Peter Fonda -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/23/1940 N.S. d.8/16/2019 N.S. (79)
Author, Movie Actor, Movie Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in New York City; Henry's son, Jane's brother, Bridget's dad
Misc: some say b. in 1939
Movie Titles: Easy Rider, 3:10 to Yuma, Ghost Rider, Escape from L.A.

🎭Tom Fuccello -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/11/1936 d.8/16/1993 (56)
Soap Actor, TV/Stage Actor
Misc: b. 1943?
TV Shows: Dallas (as Dave Culver)

✍🎭Stewart Granger -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/6/1913 d.8/16/1993 (80)
Author, TV/Movie/Stage Actor, English
Names/Places: b. in London; Jean Simmons hubby; RN:James Lablache Stewart Grange

🎭Nancy Guild -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/11/1925 d.8/16/1999 (73)

🎭Phil Leeds -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/6/1916 d.8/16/1998 (82)
Actor, Comedian

🎭Bela Lugosi -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/20/1882 d.8/16/1956 (73)
Movie/Stage Actor, Hungarian
Names/Places: RN:Bela Ferenc Blasko
Misc: played Dracula; The Wolf Man, son of Frankenstein; some say 1884 or Oct 29 or d. Sep 16

🎭🎵Joseph Priestly McCarthy -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/22/1933 d.8/16/1995 (62)
Radio Talk Show Host, Radio Disc Jock
Misc: king of Detroit's morning drive-time radio for more than 30 years

🎭Bessie McCoy -- Death Anniversary -- b.??/??/1888 d.8/16/1931

📰🎭John "WRONG!" McLaughlin -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/29/1927 N.S. d.8/16/2016 N.S. (89)
Commentator, Editor, Columnist, TV Host, TV Producer
Names/Places: MN:Joseph
TV Shows: McLaughlin Group, One on One

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🎭Joe Miller -- Death Anniversary -- b.??/??/1684 d.8/16/1738
Comedian, English
Misc: joke teller

🎭Paul Panzer -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/3/1872 O.S. d.8/16/1958 (85)

🎭Jack Pennick -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/7/1895 d.8/16/1964 (68)

🎭🎵🎸Elvis Presley -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/8/1935 N.S. d.8/16/1977 N.S. (42)
Hall of Famer, Movie Actor, Music Producer, Composer/Songwriter, Singer/Guitarist, Country-Rock Performer
Names/Places: b. in Tupelo, MS; MN:Aron; changed to Aaron; NN:The King of Rock and Roll; Priscilla's ex-husband
Misc: The first real star of rock and roll; too many notable hits to list here!; d. at Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee; Billboard ranks him as the top pop recording artist of all time with 17 No. 1 songs. The 1956 two-sided hit "Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog" stays at No. 1 for 11 weeks, a record for the rock era that stands until 1992. Hall of Famer in America's Pop, Country Music, and Rock and Roll
Song Titles: Heartbreak Hotel, Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, Too Much, All Shook Up, Teddy Bear, Jailhouse Rock, Don't, Hard Headed Woman, Stuck on You, It's Now or Never, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Surrender, Good Luck Charm, Return to Sender, Suspicious Minds, Way Down, A Little Less Conversation
Album Titles: Elvis Presley, Elvis, Loving You, Elvis is Back!, Something for Everybody, Pot Luck, Aloah from Hawaii via Satellite
Movie Titles: Jailhouse Rock, G.I. blues, Blue Hawaii, Fun in Acapulco, Viva Las Vegas

🎭Anna Quayle -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/6/1932 N.S. d.8/16/2019 N.S. (86)
Stage Actress, English
Movie Titles: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, A Hard Day's Night, Casino Royale, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

🎭Eva Renzi -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/3/1944 d.8/16/2005 (60)
Actress, German

🎭🏆⚾Babe Ruth -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/6/1895 d.8/16/1948 (53)
Hall of Famer, Movie Actor, MLB Right Fielder, MLB Pitcher
Names/Places: b. in Baltimore, MD; 2873 hits; No. 3; The Bambino Sultan of Swat; RFN:George Herman, d. in New York
Misc: AL League Award Winner 1923; hit 60 HR's '27; 714 home runs; led AL 11x's; although his home run record was broken, the "Babe" is still considered by many to be the greatest to ever play the game; His lifetime Batting Average was .342 and he still holds pitching records for the World Series, 2,211 RBIs
Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox (1914-1919), New York Yankees (1920-1934), Boston Braves (1935)

🎭Cyril Scott -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/9/1866 d.8/16/1945 (79)
Actor, Irish

🎭Jon Shepodd -- Death Anniversary -- b.12/19/1927 N.S. or 12/19/1925 N.S. d.8/16/2017 N.S. (0)
Misc: major sources don't agree on birth year
TV Shows: Lassie (as Paul Martin)

🎨✍🎭Richard (Animator) Williams -- Death Anniversary -- b.3/19/1933 N.S. d.8/16/2019 N.S. (86)
Animator, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, Director, British, Canadian
Misc: was a film title sequence designer and animator
Movie Titles: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (animation director)

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🎭William Windom -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/28/1923 d.8/16/2012 (88)
TV/Movie Actor
Names/Places: b. in New York City
TV Shows: The Farmer's Daughter (as Congressman Glen Morley), My World & Welcome to It (as John Monroe), The Girl with Something Extra (as Stuart Kline), Murder She Wrote (as Dr. Seth Hazlitt), Once an Eagle, Blind Ambition
Movie Titles: Escape, The Homecoming, Desperate Lives

🎭Cornelis van der Lugt Melsert -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/4/1882 d.8/16/1969 (87)
Actor, Director, Dutch (Netherlands)

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