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You are at the section Entertainment Today in Birthdays and Deaths (sorted by name)

Entertainment Today in Birthdays and Deaths by Name July 9

Last Updated 12-05-2019

🎭🎵Ed Ames -- is 92 in the year 2019 and 93 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1927
Actor, Singer
Names/Places: b. in Malden, MA; RLN:Urick
Misc: famous "tomahawk to the balls" thrower on Tonight Show '64
Group Names: The Ames Brothers
TV Shows: Daniel Boone (as Mingo the indian)

🎭Lisa Banes -- is 64 in the year 2019 and 65 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1955
Movie Titles: Cocktail, Young Guns, Dragonfly

🎭🏆Douglas Booth -- is 27 in the year 2019 and 28 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1992 N.S.
Actor, Model, English
TV Shows: The Pillars of the Earth (TV mini-series as Eustace -age 15)
Movie Titles: Jupiter Ascending, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Noah, LOL, Great Expectations

🎭💻Michelle Collins -- is 38 in the year 2019 and 39 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1981 N.S.
Comedienne, TV Talk Show Hostess, Internet Website Editor
TV Shows: The View

🎭Chris Cooper -- is 68 in the year 2019 and 69 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1951
TV/Movie Actor
Movie Titles: The Bourne Identity, Adaptation, October Sky, American Beauty, The Patriot, Adaptation, Seabiscuit, Jarhead, Breach, The Kingdom

🎭Claire Corlett -- is 20 in the year 2019 and 21 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1999 N.S.
Cartoon Voice Actress
TV Shows: Bob the Builder (as Dizzy in U.S. version), Dinosaur Train (as Tiny and others), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (as Sweetie Belle)
Movie Titles: My Little Pony (series), Barbie and Her Sisters (series)

🎭Raymond Cruz -- is 58 in the year 2019 and 59 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1961
TV Shows: The Closer (as Julio Sanchez), Major Crimes (as Julio Sanchez)
Movie Titles: Training Day, Alien: Resurrection

🎭Brian Dennehy -- is 81 in the year 2019 and 82 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1938
Actor, TV Host, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Bridgeport, CT; Jennifer Knott's hubby
Misc: some say b. 1939 or 1940, AP says 1938
TV Shows: Arrest and Trial (host), Birdland (as Dr. Brian McKenzie)
Movie Titles: Ratatouille, First Blood, Romeo + Juliet, Semi-Tough, Foul Play, 10, Silverado, Cocoon, Presumed Innocent, Pearl

🎭Mia Dillon -- is 64 in the year 2019 and 65 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1955
Actress, Director
Movie Titles: The Money Pit, All Good Tings, Gods and Generals, Duane Hopwood

🎭Christina El Moussa -- is 36 in the year 2019 and 37 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1983 N.S.
TV Hostess
TV Shows: Flip or Flop

🎭Kay Faylen -- is 90 in the year 2019 and 91 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1929
Names/Places: Frank's daughter
Misc: retired from acting in 1957
TV Shows: Science Fiction Theatre, Perry Mason, Highway Patrol

🎭Brian Fitzpatrick -- is 62 in the year 2019 and 63 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1957

🎭K. Todd Freeman -- is 54 in the year 2019 and 55 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1965
Movie Titles: The Dark Knight, Grosse Pointe Blank, The Cider House Rules, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

🎭Margaret Gillis -- is 66 in the year 2019 and 67 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1953
Choreographer, Dancer, Canadian

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🎭🎵Scott Grimes -- is 48 in the year 2019 and 49 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1971
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Composer
TV Shows: Goode Behavior, ER (as Archie Morris), Party of Five (as Will McCorkle), American Dad! (as Steve), Family Guy (as Kevin)
Movie Titles: Robin Hood

✍🎭James Hampton -- is 83 in the year 2019 and 84 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1936 N.S.
Screenwriter, TV/Movie Actor, TV Director
Names/Places: b. in Oklahoma City
TV Shows: F Troop (as bugler Hannibal Dobbs), Doris Day Show (as Leroy B. Simpson), Love American Style (player), Maggie (as Len)
Movie Titles: Teen Wolf, Sling Blade, The China Syndrome

🎭Tom Hanks -- is 63 in the year 2019 and 64 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1956
TV/Movie Actor
Names/Places: b. in Concord, California
TV Shows: Bosom Buddies (as Kip Wilson (who in turn as Buffy))
Movie Titles: Big, The Money Pit, Dragnet, Joe Vs. the Volcano, Splash, Turner & Hooch, Punchline, A League of Their Own, Sleepless in Seattle, My Boyfriend's Back, Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Toy Story's Woody, A League Of Their Own, That Thing You Do, The Burbs, Saving Private Ryan, You've Got Mail, The Green Mile, Cast Away, Road to Perdition, Catch Me If You Can, The Lady Killers, The Terminal, The Polar Express, The Da Vinci Code, Charlie Wilson's War, Angels and Demons

🎭🎮Georgie Henley -- is 24 in the year 2019 and 25 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1995
Actress, Video Game Voice Actress, English
TV Shows: Jane Eyre (TV mini-series)
Movie Titles: The Chronicles of Narnia (series), Perfect Sisters
Video Games: The Chronicles of Narnia (series)

🎭Jamie Thomas King -- is 38 in the year 2019 and 39 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1981 N.S.
Actor, English
TV Shows: The Tudors (as Thomas Wyatt), Mad Men (as Guy MacKendrick)
Movie Titles: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Mr. Turner, Tristan + Isolde, Like Crazy, Lost City Raiders, Tower Block

🎭🎵Bobby Leslie -- is 48 in the year 2019 and 49 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1971
Actor, Pop Singer
Group Names: Guys Next Door
TV Shows: Guys Next Door

🎭🎵Courtney Love -- is 55 in the year 2019 and 56 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1964
Movie Actress, Singer
Names/Places: Kurt Cobain's widow
Group Names: Hole
Movie Titles: The People vs. Larry Flynt, Man on the Moon

🎭Nigel Lythgoe -- is 70 in the year 2019 and 71 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1949 N.S.
Producer, Producer/Director, Panelist, Choreographer, English
TV Shows: Popstars (panelist), American Idol (creator and producer), So You Think You Can Dance (creator and producer, as well as panelist)

🎭Rainer Matsutani -- is 55 in the year 2019 and 56 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1964
Actor, Director, German
TV Shows: Stuttgart Homicide (director)
Movie Titles: Over My Dead Body, Raging Inferno

🎭Kelly McGillis -- is 62 in the year 2019 and 63 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1957
Actress, Producer
Names/Places: b. in Newport Beach, CA
Movie Titles: The Accused, Witness, Top Gun

🎭Yvette Monreal -- is 27 in the year 2019 and 28 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1992 N.S.
Actress, Commercial Actress
TV Shows: Chutes, Faking It (as Reagan), Matador (as Senna Galin)

🎭💻Enrique Murciano -- is 46 in the year 2019 and 47 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1973
Actor, Producer, Internet Video Actor
TV Shows: Spyder Games (as Francisco Torres), Without a Trace (as Danny Taylor), Bloodline (as Marco Diaz), Bloodline (as Marco Diaz)
Movie Titles: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Dangerous

🎭Mitchel Musso -- is 28 in the year 2019 and 29 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1991
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor
TV Shows: Pair of Kings (as King Brady), Phineas and Ferb (as Jeremy Johnson, voice), Hannah Montana (as Oliver Oken)
Movie Titles: Monster House

🎭🎮🏆🥊Kevin Nash -- is 60 in the year 2019 and 61 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1959
Hall of Famer, Actor, Video Game Voice Actor, Wrestler
Names/Places: MN:Scott; ring names: Diesel, Chet Lemon and Oz
TV Shows: WWE Raw (as Kevin Nash / Diesel)
Movie Titles: John Wick, The Longest Yard, Magic Mike, The Punisher
Video Games: WWE (series)

🎭David O'Hara -- is 54 in the year 2019 and 55 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1965
Actor, Scotish
Movie Titles: The Departed, Wanted, Braveheart, Hotel Rwanda

✍⚛📰💰🎭💻Kevin O'Leary -- is 65 in the year 2019 and 66 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1954
Writer, Inventor, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Personality, Internet Company Executive, Canadian
Names/Places: NN: Mr. Wonderful and The Undertaker
Misc: founded the software company SoftKey
TV Shows: Shark Tank (business executive and personality)

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🎭Linda Park -- is 41 in the year 2019 and 42 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1978
Actress, Producer, South Korean
TV Shows: Star Trek: Enterprise (as Ensign Hoshi Sato), Adoptable (as Jennifer Lim)
Movie Titles: Infestation, The Face of Love, Jurassic Park 3

🎭🎮Megan Parlen -- is 39 in the year 2019 and 40 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1980
Actress, Producer, Video Game Voice Actress
TV Shows: Hang Time (as Mary Beth Pepperton)
Movie Titles: My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Video Games: Gladius, Nicktoons Movin' Eye Toy, Tony Hawk's Underground

🎭Jerry Penacoli -- is 63 in the year 2019 and 64 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1956
Actor, TV Talk Show Host, Director
TV Shows: Attitudes
Movie Titles: Galaxy Quest, I'm Still Here

🎭Jeannie Pepper -- is 61 in the year 2019 and 62 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1958
XXX-rated actress
Misc: appeared in over 200 adult films

🎭Suzanne Rogers -- is 76 in the year 2019 and 77 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1943
TV Shows: Days of Our Lives (as Maggie for over four decades)

🎭🏆Richard Roundtree -- is 77 in the year 2019 and 78 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1942 N.S.
TV/Movie Actor, Model
Names/Places: b. in New Rochelle, NY
TV Shows: Shaft (as John Shaft), Roots, Roc (as Russell)
Movie Titles: Brick, George of the Jungle, Shaft 2000, Speed Racer

🎭🏆Pamela Annette Saunders -- is 56 in the year 2019 and 57 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1963
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: November 1985

🎭Fred Savage -- is 43 in the year 2019 and 44 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1976
Actor, Cartoon Voice Actor, Producer/Director
Names/Places: b. in Highland Park, IL; MN:A.
TV Shows: Oswald (as Oswald), Generator Rex (as Noah), Morningstar/Eveningstar (as Alan), The Wonder Years (as Kevin Arnold), Working (as Matt Peyser), The Grinder (as Stewart Sanderson)
Movie Titles: Austin Powers in Goldmember, Little Monsters, The Princess Bride

🎭James Scott -- is 78 in the year 2019 and 79 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1941
Movie Titles: Strike It Rich

🎭Pamela Segall -- is 53 in the year 2019 and 54 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1966 N.S.
Actress, Cartoon Voice Actress, Producer
Names/Places: aka Pamela Adlon
TV Shows: The Facts of Life (as Kelly Affinado), Phantom 2040, Quack Pack (as Dewey Duck), 101 Dalmations: The Series,, Adventures from the Book of Virtues, The Oblongs, Recess (as Spinelli), Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks, King of the Hill (as Bobby Hill), Californication (as Marcy), Bob's Burgers, TripTank, Better Things
Movie Titles: Say Anything..., Princess Mononoke

🎭🏆🏈O. J. Simpson -- is 72 in the year 2019 and 73 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1947
Hall of Famer, Criminal, TV/Movie Actor, Football Announcer, NFL Runningback, College Football Player
Names/Places: b. in San Francisco; RN:Orenthal James Simpson; NN:The Juice
Misc: led USC to 2 Rose Bowls 60s, won Heisman Trophy in 1968 at USC, Buffalo Bill rushed for 2003 yds '73 (MVP); AFC leading rusher 4X's, 11236 career yards, 203 receptions, 990 yards kickoff returns, 14368 combined net yards, 5 Pro Bowls; Hertz commercial sprinter; convicted felon; in the College Football and the Pro Football Halls of Fame
Sports Teams: University of Southern California, Buffalo Bills (1969-1977), San Francisco 49ers (1978-1979)
TV Shows: Roots (as Kadi Touray), Monday Night Football

🎭Jimmy Smits -- is 64 in the year 2019 and 65 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1955
Actor, Producer
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: some say b. in 1955
TV Shows: L.A. Law (as Victor Sifuentes), Switch, N.Y.P.D. Blue (as Det. Bobby Simone), 24: Legacy, Sons of Anarchy (as Nero Padilla), Dexter
Movie Titles: Star Wars (series Episodes II and III), Piece of Glory

🎭🏆Suzanne Stokes -- is 40 in the year 2019 and 41 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1979
Actress, Model, Playmate
Misc: February 2000

🎨✍🎭🎵Rebecca Sugar -- is 32 in the year 2019 and 33 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1987 N.S.
Artist, Writer, Producer, Composer
Misc: the first woman to create a show on Cartoon Network
TV Shows: Steven Universe (creator), Adventure Time (as wrtier and storyboard artist)

🎭🎵🏆John Tesh -- is 67 in the year 2019 and 68 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1952
TV Host, TV Talk Show Host, Composer, Keyboardist, Pianist, Sportscaster
Names/Places: Connie Sellecca's hubby
TV Shows: Entertainment Tonight (1986-96), One on One With John Tesh, Bobby's World (composer)

🎭Edy Williams -- is 78 in the year 2019 and 79 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1941
Movie Titles: Beyond the Valley of the Dollars, Bad Girls from Mars, Dr. Minx

🎭🎵Kiely Williams -- is 33 in the year 2019 and 34 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1986
Actress, Director, Choreographer, Songwriter, Pop Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer
Group Names: The Cheetah Girls (pop), 3LW (rhythm and blues), soloist
Movie Titles: The House Bunny, The Cheetah Girls (series)

🎭Richard (Scottish Actor) Wilson -- is 83 in the year 2019 and 84 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1936 N.S.
Actor, Stage Director, Scotish
TV Shows: One Foot in the Grave (as Victor Meldrew), Only When I Laugh (as Dr. Gordon Thorpe)

🎭Ewa da Cruz -- is 42 in the year 2019 and 43 in the year 2020; b.7/9/1977
Actress, Norweigan
Movie Titles: Bella, Excuse Me for Living

💰🎭🏆Kay Aldridge -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1917 d.1/12/1995 (77)
Philanthropist, Movie Actress, Model
Misc: one of the most photographed women in the country during the 1930s

🎭Macklyn Arbuckle -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1866 d.4/1/1931 (64)

🎭Mary-Ellis Bunim -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1946 d.1/29/2004 (57)
Hall of Famer, TV Producer
TV Shows: The Real World (co-creator), Road Rules (co-creator)

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🎭Ronnie Burns -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1935 d.11/14/2007 (72)
Names/Places: George & Gracie's adopted son & on Burns & Allen
Misc: currently a businessman
TV Shows: Burns and Allen Show

🎭Susan Cabot -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1927 d.12/10/1986 (59)

🎭🎵Alan Dale -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1928 d.4/20/2002 (73)
Variety Show Host, Baritone, Musician, Pop Singer
Names/Places: RN:Aldo Sigismondi
TV Shows: The Alan Dale Show

🎭🎵🎷Joe Darensbourg -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1906 d.5/24/1985 (78)
Actor, Jazz Clarinetist

🎭🎵Eddie Dean -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1907 d.3/4/1999 (91)
Actor, Singer
Misc: Cowboy actor

🎭Ida Ehre -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1900 d.2/16/1989 (88)
Actress, Austrian, German
Misc: Theatre director and manager

🎭🎵Jester Hairston -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1901 d.1/18/2000 (98)
Actor, Composer
Misc: b. 1909?
TV Shows: Amen (as Rolly Forbes), That's My Mama (as Wildcat)

✍🎭James Hill -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1919 d.10/9/1994 (75)
Screen/Scriptwriter, Movie Director, English
Movie Titles: Born Free

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🎭Cullen Landis -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1895 d.8/26/1975 (80)

🎭Kathleen Layman -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1949 d.10/26/2014 N.S. (65)
Names/Places: aka Katie Layman

🎭Billy Mahan -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1930 d.8/30/2002 (72)
Movie Actor

🎭Nathaniel Marston -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1975 d.10/30/2015 N.S. (40)

🎭John McQuade -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1912 d.9/21/1979 (67)
TV Shows: Charlie Wild Private Detective (star)

🎭Dick Orkin -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1933 d.12/24/2017 N.S. (84)
Hall of Famer, Actor, Radio Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor
Misc: of Dick & Bert (Berdis) in commercials 1970-80s; Chicago's voice and genius behind Chickenman and the Tooth Fairy; some say b. 1934
TV Shows: The Tim Conway Show

🎭S. L. Rothafel -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1882 d.1/13/1936 (53)
Entertainment Figure
Names/Places: FN:Roxy
Misc: theatrical impresario and entrepreneur

🎭Walter Sande -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1906 d.2/22/1972 (65)
Misc: d. Nov 22?

🎭🎵Ted Steele -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1917 d.10/15/1985 (68)
TV Host, Singer, Pianist, Bandleader
Misc: radio executive
TV Shows: Perry Como Show

🎭Karin von Aroldingen -- Birth Anniversary -- b.7/9/1941 N.S. d.1/5/2018 N.S. (76)
Ballerina, German
Names/Places: RN:Karin Awny Hannelore Reinbold von Aroedingen and Eltzinger

🎭Norman Abbott -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/11/1922 N.S. d.7/9/2016 N.S. (93)
TV Director
Names/Places: Bud's nephew
TV Shows: Welcome Back Kotter, Get Smart, The Munsters, Leave It to Beaver, Sanford and Son, The Jack Benny Program

🎭James Baskett -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/16/1904 N.S. d.7/9/1948 N.S. (44)
Movie Titles: Song of the South

🎭Walter S. "Wally" Burr -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/2/1926 N.S. d.7/9/2017 N.S. (91)
Cartoon Voice Actor, Director
TV Shows: Superfriends, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Jem, Inspector Gadget, Spider-Man
Movie Titles: Transformers: The Movie

🎭Rafael Campos -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/13/1936 d.7/9/1985 (49)
TV/Movie Actor
TV Shows: Rhoda (as Ramon), Centennial, V
Movie Titles: Blackboard Jungle

🎭Frank Christi -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/16/1929 d.7/9/1982 (52)
Movie Actor

🎭Kevin Coe -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/18/1946 d.7/9/1992 (45)
Ballet Dancer, Australian

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🎭Rob De Vries -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/9/1918 d.7/9/1969 (51)
Actor, Director, Dutch (Netherlands)

🎭John Drew Jr. -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/13/1853 d.7/9/1927 (73)
Names/Places: Mrs Drew's son

🎭Allyn Edwards -- Death Anniversary -- b.??/??/1915 d.7/9/1968 (53)
TV Host, Game Show Host

🎭Kevin Hagen -- Death Anniversary -- b.4/3/1928 d.7/9/2005 (77)
TV Shows: Land of the Giants (as Insp. Dobbs Kobick), The Little House on the Prarie (as Dr. Hiram Baker)
Movie Titles: Shenandoah

🎭John Indrisano -- Death Anniversary -- b.11/1/1905 N.S. d.7/9/1968 N.S. (62)
TV Shows: O.K. Crackerby (as chauffer)

🎭Freddie Jones -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/12/1927 N.S. d.7/9/2019 N.S. (91)
Actor, English
TV Shows: Emmerdale
Movie Titles: The Ghosts of Motley Hall, Dune, The Elephant Man

🎭Charles Lane -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/26/1905 d.7/9/2007 (102)
TV Shows: The Lucy Show (as Mr. Barnsdahl), Petticoat Junction (as Homer Bedloe), The Pruitts of Southhampton

🎭Lois Laurel Sr. -- Death Anniversary -- b.9/7/1895 d.7/9/1990 (94)
Names/Places: Mrs. Stan Laurel

🎭Douglas MacLean -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/10/1890 d.7/9/1967 (77)
Actor, Comedian, Producer
Misc: silent films

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🎭Alan Marshal -- Death Anniversary -- b.1/29/1909 d.7/9/1961 (52)
Movie Actor, Australian

🎭Frank Mayo -- Death Anniversary -- b.6/28/1889 d.7/9/1963 (74)
Movie Actor
Misc: silent era

🎭Manning Redwood -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/16/1929 d.7/9/2006 (77)
Movie Actor
Movie Titles: Never Say Never Again

🎭Kent Rogers -- Death Anniversary -- b.7/31/1923 N.S. d.7/9/1944 N.S. (20)
Cartoon Voice Actor, Impressionist
Misc: a voice actor for Warner Bros. Cartoons and Walter Lantz Productions

✍⚖🎭Will Rogers Jr. -- Death Anniversary -- b.10/20/1911 d.7/9/1993 (81)
Humorist, Congressperson, Movie Actor, TV Host
Names/Places: b. in New York City; Will's son
Misc: some say b. Oct 12, 1910 or 1912

🎭Isabel Sanford -- Death Anniversary -- b.8/29/1917 N.S. d.7/9/2004 N.S. (86)
TV Actress
Names/Places: b. in New York City
Misc: some say b. 1933 or 1922
TV Shows: All in the Family (as Louise Jefferson), The Jeffersons (as Louise Jefferson)

✍🎭Cornelia Otis Skinner -- Death Anniversary -- b.5/30/1901 d.7/9/1979 (78)
Author, Movie/Stage Actress

🎭Rip Torn -- Death Anniversary -- b.2/6/1931 N.S. d.7/9/2019 N.S. (88)
TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Comedian, Cartoon Voice Actor, Director
Names/Places: b. in Temple, Tex.; RFN:Elmore Jr.; Geraldine Page's hubby
Misc: TV movies & miniseries actor
TV Shows: The Blue & the Gray; Larry Sanders Show (as sidekick)
Movie Titles: Crazy Joe, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Coma, One Trick Pony, Jinxed!, Airplane II: The Sequel, Beer, Hit List, RoboCop 3, Canadian Bacon, How to Make an American Quilt, Down Periscope, Hercules (voice), Men in Black (series), Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Marie Antoinette, Wonder Boys, Welcome to Mooseport, Freddy Got Fingered, "Yours, Mine and Ours", Three Days to Vegas, Bee Movie (voice)

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